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Failing Hospitals taking Federal Money need to FIRE their failing Overpaid CEO’s and board

If they cannot make payroll or pay their bills, then they do not deserve to be in business taking our money.

Perhaps they all need to be paid commission – hence they get PAID FOR PERFORMANCE!

And please – if the hospital closes no one will be the wiser – people will simple goto the next hospital – many hospitals have closed (Victory Memorial in Brooklyn, St Vincents in NY to name 2) and all the pundits cried about how care will not be delivered and people will die – blah blah blah – what actually happened is that the Unions lost jobs for their people, the lawyers made 30million + in closing Victory alone and people did not die – they simply went to another hospital.

We as Americans and as a people are very resilient and will make due with what is given us without problems. Just look how we keep absorbing the insane ridiculous criminal prices the MTA keep charging us!