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Everyone is target of NSA – Snowden says

This seems like a movie – a lone person tries to tell the truth and big corporations and or a government make him/her to be the evil one – the traitor. In the name of “national security” anyone anywhere at anytime can be detained and targeted.
From what i have read, negating all the rhetoric in the news media and what our government is saying, i am confused as to exactly WHAT secrets this person snitched/stole? It seems after you remove all the misinformation, that he leaked that we are spying on China and that he NSA is recording EVERYTHING we say and do – even to Americans.

This is worthy of such a manhunt? Something is amiss here. We know our government is intercepting, storing and analyzing ALL our communications – this is evident by the massive data center being built i Maryland and the current “buzz” going around – so again, what secrets did this person reveal other than state the obvious – our government is spying on us and other countries?

Perhaps its the fact that its now clear that all our communications under this administration are under scrutiny – against the constitution, without oversight and without the constraint of our country’s laws. Socialism at its best – this begets several questions: 1) If the data is needed in a legal case, can we ask the government for it? If so, than NOTHING is private anymore privacy is a thing of the past. 2)If our government can and is recording all our communications, can insurance companies gain access? 3) can our government use this information against us, the people, without advising us of the information garnered? 4)What happens if we are “flagged” incorrectly? can we get off the “list”

I am the first to say whatever we need to do to protect our country – however, history tells us to be “wary” of government made national “crisis”, government made feeling of insecurity and governments stating “its a national security threat” – many have fallen to socialistic and tyrannical rule by these dangerous environments where slowly our constitution is bypassed and eroded – all in the name of national security.

Our founding fathers adopted the constitution to restrain government of such acts – they knew better than us by being English and under the influence of a king. History always repeats itself when we choose to ignore it or don’t have the will power to stand up to status queue. Look to NY where Weiner is running for mayor – we forgave him? I certainly did not – what makes us so sure he wont continue his poor behavior in office and than with unlimited power?

Leopards do not change their spots, people cant change people and certainly power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

I am unhappy with the focus, direction, negation of our constitution and environment this country is moving in. WHEN THIS FOLLY ENDS!!!!!!!!