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Doctors under attack again – aiding and abetting prescription drug abuse

That’s right – yesterday 4 commercials played on the radio on how the new ISTOP program will stop doctors from aiding prescription drug abusers. Doctors have been known to abuse prescription drugs and give them to people forcing them to be addicts….. This was the intent of the commercials.

It seems some “mother” lost a child to drug addiction and blamed doctors – now she has a cause and god forbid a politician refuses a mother cause. Hence we have these insane laws and regulations that do nothing but increase burdens on society and cost us money.

Your tragic loss is not always someones fault and may not have been preventable. Take responsibility for yourself. Your child may have been an addict – why did you not seek them help?
Its akin to all the stop signs in the neighborhood – 1 accident and the community screams!! now we have a stop sign on every block causing traffic and guess what? Same number of accident – but some parent feels good somewhere!

Oh – and the sound of silence from doctors.