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Doctors under attach by lawyers in commercials – Doctors say nothing!

Last night as I was watching the beginning of the destruction of NY as DeBlasio was touted as our new mayor, a commercial was played many times about a law firm showing a cute couple complaining about their baby was not delivered by cesarean fast enough and suffered a disability and how this legal firm got them money for malpractice  – Message? Doctors are bad sue them!

This plus numerous other similar TV commercials and radio ads are constantly touting how doctors hide behind their white coats and MUST be made to pay! SHOW ME THE MONEY!

And doctors say nothing – Do Nothing! Tort reform? Never since lawyers are making too much money on this!

Doctors need an advocate to counter each and every one of these detrimental occurrences.

YET – doctors are silent and continue on their failed course! You notice not one doctor has risen up and complained about Obama care publically – where are the rallying physicians showing the effects of this on their business? No – the physicians are blind to their own demise!