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Doctors Prescribe Fruit for children – city pays for it – parenting is ended

Our beloved city now pays for fruit for our children. Seems parents are “concerned” about the diabetes disease and their fat kids who only eat at McDonalds. Hence, they need a doctor to prescribe fruit and “we” the people of NY pay for subsidies. HMMM – what happened to parenting? They have money for McDonalds BUT NO money for an apple? Is this a joke? Parenting skills are gone and we need our government to help us. Of course this is prevalent in the inner cities – low income, black and Latinos – sorry its the truth the numbers don’t lie. Of course these parents are “so happy” that the city now pays for their food. Reduces even more their responsibility.

Am I the only one that sees something wrong with this? You cannot defend this. You cannot defend giving free housing, free food, free education free clothes free cable add.. nausea – To people and expect NOTHING in return.

Idea – anyone in public housing has top spend 2 day a week maintaining the property and if its not maintained they have to pay for repairs – watch how fast things get better. Idea – anyone going to the Emergency room has to pay $20 – watch how fast you clear out the emergency room and end the “crisis”. ACCOUNTABILITY – RESPONSIBILITY.