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Doctors and business are the losers in obama care

[preamble]With doctors becoming unprofitable, they struggle to save money. Any business in financial crisis immediately sheds its most expensive expense – employees. And since doctors are one of the largest employers, what do we think will be the result of Obama care? More unemployment – Obama care good for nothing[backtopost]
There is an overall downward trend in
profitability among US physician practices. In fact,
physicians are almost two-thirds more likely to foresee
a negative profitability trend, rather than a positive
one, in the year ahead. Declining reimbursements
lead physician concerns;
Reform efforts create the strongest operational
headwinds for physicians, with administrative
requirements coming at the expense of patient care.
For example, nearly half of physicians say they do not
have the resources to bring on any of the 30 million
new patients entering the system as a result of the
ACA. Meanwhile, the majority of physicians spend
more than 20% of their time – the equivalent of one
day a week – on administrative tasks instead of
patient care;
Despite these challenges – and contrary to
what many of today’s pundits are saying – today’s
independent physicians largely want to stay that way.
For now, many are not looking to be acquired by larger
practices or hospitals;
Physicians across the board are targeting
operational changes to improve their performance.
Top priorities include renovating their billing
processes and underlying technologies, with findings
confirming a growing “rip and replace” trend. Who
do they turn to for guidance? Their peers, first and
Old practice management systems are a focal
point of uncertainty moving forward. More than 40%
of physicians say they don’t know whether theirs can
accommodate upcoming regulatory requirements and