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Dianne Feinstein’s Husband’s Co., A Real Estate Broker, is Exclusive Seller of Closing Post Office Branches

[preamble]A state senator’s husband has an exclusive deal to sell millions of dollars of real estate for the USPS service. The audacity and perversity of these people is beyond even what I can imagine. If this was any of us, we would have been in jail. The rules seem to not apply to anyone anymore.
Simply stating “there was nothing sinister about this deal” is a blatant lie and does not preclude the fact that a states senators husband was given exclusive preferential treatment, At the least for decency, they should have declined the deal.
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You have to respect just the blatant disregard for anything decent exhibited by Dianne Feinstein. Her in-your-face entitlement is breathtaking and yet at times oddly amusing. For instance check out this little gem from last year when she’s asked why she wouldn’t debate her Republican challenger for the US Senate.

Oh my, I could watch that a couple more times.

Anyhoo…Now comes word that Ms. Feinstein’s husband’s real estate company is doing all the sales of decommissioned post offices around the country. The USPS used to use multiple brokers, but not anymore. The senator’s husband must be really good.

And doubly advantageous for the US taxpayer also is that such a good broker would be married to someone who regularly votes on postal issues. I mean, what are the chances! We the American tax payers really lucked out on this one.

(From The Independent Institute)

The US Postal Service is selling hundreds of properties in prime locations across the country to help them deal with their financial difficulties. In the past, the USPS has used multiple real estate agents to sell their properties, but in 2011 the USPS signed a contract with CBRE Group to be the sole provider of real estate services, nation-wide, for their sales.

The Chairman of CBRE Group is Richard Blum, the husband of California Senator Dianne Feinstein.