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Detroit – Putting Wifi in cars so they “talk” to each other

They say it will prevent crashes, allow cars to “talk” to each other –  to know when they are too close, to allow for safer passing etc…

Whilst i am an advocate of all technology, i can definitely see some benefits in this – however, lets present a few comments on the “true” purpose of this:

1.Track the miles we do so we can be taxed on how far we drive
2. Track how many hours we drive without a break and ticket us for driving “tired” (already a law)
3. Ticket us for speeding by calculating our speed
4. Allow townships and counties and states to track us and ticket us if we speed
5. Monitor our driving habits
6. Monitor our average speed
7.  Monitor times of day we drive
8. Monitor how hard we use the breaks
9. Monitor how we use our cell phones

They can no monitor all aspect of our driving. Penalize us for such behavior and begin charging us for trends etc..

And you can bet your insurance company will use this data and raise your rates

Do we want such surveillance?

Already our electrical companies want to monitor our usage and turn down our thermostats for us – they will tell us how hot or cold we have to be. In California, they actually penalized a homeowner for not allowing such a smart thermostats in their home.

This is not where we want to go or be