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Deter and Degrade – the state of our country

Deter and degrade – this seems to be in effect in our country. First our NY police force is deterred from doing their job and their effectiveness degraded by having them hand held over the guise of racism.

The NY police department is noe chided for stating some mosques are terrorist organizations and that anyone going in and out is or cna be a target for terrorism – hmm – lets understand this – all 9/11 terrorists were involved in a mosque, mosques are KNOWN terrorists organizations, the Islamic religion is not one of peaceĀ  – when they are allowed to exercise their religious freedom – others are destroyed. This is historical fact. The muslim brotherhood is in the process of infiltrating our country using mosques – this is another fact.

So lets hobble our police department and have them just give more tickets to increase the city’s income instead of upholding the peace – their primary function.

Our ineffective president is doing a “clinton” shooting a few cruise missiles over there to show he is a tough guy. Bravo mr president – you feel big and strong today?

lets see:
highest taxes ever
most people on unemployment ever
most people on government aid ever
shall we go on?

Weak presidents shoot missiles to look strong.

Texting – you will be sued.
Yes another judge has determined that the SENDER of a txt to a driver can be sued if an accident occurs – aiding and abetting? We have gone insane in this country.
When judges make rulings above and beyond the law – than their is no justice.