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Deblasio – the socialist

1. housing initiative – denser taller buildings – like China and Russia – the end of “Greater” New York – turning neighborhoods into compact dense poor housing – like the New York at the turn of the century – tenements – but again – socialists like these ideas. NO sustainability or actual job creation – ONLY if you are a union member which Deblasio sucks ass to.

The main thrust will be a policy of mandatory inclusionary zoning, which would require developers to include affordable units in new buildings in return for zoning changes to allow for taller buildings and greater density. The previous administration relied on a voluntary system to encourage affordable developments. Mr. de Blasio said those tactics had not produced as much below-market rate housing as needed.

– lets not forget that the same people living in the same building will be paying $1000 and $200 (exaggeration but true) – why would I pay $1000 for an apartment when I know someone else in the same building in the same apartment is paying $200? If you read the news lately you will also see that these low income people NOW want to sue these buildings because they are denied access to the buildings exclusive amenities – its discrimination! Well I call it “you cant afford it”

2. Freeze rents – another blow to “owners” – we now collect less rent and are more indebt to people who product nothing – similar to the medical industry the government is destroying. More pain less gain

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio’s campaign plan to freeze rents for nearly a million rent-stabilized tenants got a strong boost Monday, despite city price data showing significant increases in landlord costs.

In an 8-1 preliminary vote, the city’s Rent Guidelines Board approved a range of possible rent increases—including an option of no gain at…

3. Union loving Deblasio – yes, unions like hospitals are the most expensive entity to do business with – YET our socialistic Mayer cow-tows to them. The “crisis” we hear about health care and jobs and the costs of living – all mean we the people suffer more while our elected officials do nothing to fix the problem – marginalize unions and hospitals – make them accountable and watch how much we save.

4. LICH/SUNY – because the Mayor and his union cronies want a piece of the pie – they will knock down any viable option that will actually work unless they get their filed way – why not just have the mayor and unions run the place – watch how it fails again