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CMS backtracks on proposed Medicare Advantage cuts

[preamble]Interesting – Obama care “affordable”, cost cutting bla bla bla – now we find out the closer we get to this wonderful socialized plan that all the cuts and savings are not true (go figure) the only ting that IS true and WILL happen is that 30 million of us will be paying for a product we do not want or need. We will be forced, taxed and penalized into submission.This is just the beginning – its the unaffordable care act – we all better hide our money or be poor[backtopost]
April 2, 2013 | By

In a sudden about-face, federal health officials are ditching proposed Medicare Advantage cuts and instead increasing payment by 3.3 percent, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services announced yesterday.  CMS also said it will continue to pay Medicare Advantage plans based on quality.

The turnaround follows pleas from roughly 40,000 seniors and a widespread campaign from America’s Health Insurance Plans to persuade lawmakers and regulators to stop the proposed cuts. If the proposed 2.2 percent cuts had taken effect, insurers providing Medicare Advantage plans could have lost a total of $11 billion.