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City floats idea of making food trucks bid for spots on the street

[preamble]Once again our beloved mayor, the city and our government seek any opportunity to stifle businesses and squeeze every last dollar out of anyone that god forbid has an idea that may make some money. It seems unless the city get “a piece of the action”, they are not happy. Why do not our officials go after themselves with the same vigor. Using millions of dollars of our money to pay prostitutes, theft and unsustainable unions.

When they can govern themselves than they can govern us. This a is pro business attitude? This is encouraging people to start a business? Absolutely not! This is theft and a government out of control.

When you tax and squeeze people you rob them of any incentive and fortitude to start something new.

So lets tax these small businesses and put them out of business – better yet – i think they need to be unionized! Do they have health benefits? Maybe work to many hours – tax and unionize them.

When this folly ends![backtopost]

Official proposes system like the one used for some hot-dog vendors

Published: Wednesday, April 17, 2013, 7:45 PM
Updated: Wednesday, April 17, 2013, 7:45 PM

Food trucks are booming in popularity.
City officials are eyeing food trucks as their next cash cow.

Bloomberg administration reps floated the idea of making food trucks bid for certain spots on the street – a system similar to the one used for certain food vendors that generates sky-high rents for the city.

The city thinks food trucks could be a cash cow.

“We are interested in further exploring a market-based plan to allow food trucks to bid for the right to certain street locations, similar to the current Parks Department concession program,” Liz Weinstein, director of the Mayor’s Office of Operations, said Wednesday at a City Council hearing.

Under the Parks Department program, at the most lucrative spot in the city, outside the Metropolitan Museum of Art, rents have reached more than $600,000 a year for the right to sell hotdogs.

Weinstein spoke at a Council hearing on a bill sponsored by Councilman Dan Garodnick that would create up to 450 parking spots specially designated for food trucks, and bar them from parking anywhere else.