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City Attacks Small Businesses with Fines

The city is in desperate need of money!
Beware – they will fine and tax you into submission.

The bloomberg administration has so far received only $374,400 in fines from food cart vendors compared to last years $1.1 million – and $1.7 million in 2010 – Hence they are on the attack! Fines which are supposed to be for our safety are nothing more than the cities way of generating income – why else would it be a line item in their budget!

Trying to challenge such false fines leads to lost days wages, lost time and the inevitable “NO” from the judges in the pocket of the cash starved city!

Idea – politicians, union leaders and other execs using our money for their own personal gain – take a pay cut!

If you want to own a business in NY – forget it! You will be under attack! Extortion has been taken to new legal levels!