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The president wants to bailout education – just a little bit more

Here it comes – the president yet again is spending our money – he stated yesterday that “any school that does not achieve results for our students  ….”

Interesting – i love to hear from the NY city teachers union where they have FAILED for years – love to put the squeeze to them and get some of our wasted money back.

So what will happen? Our government will control education and the schools – because EVERY PERSON IN AMERICA HAS THE RIGHT TO HIGHER EDUCATION
Just like everyone deserves a house, no child left behind..

All it means is more handouts, more failure and “just a little bit more”………

Is his 4 years up yet?

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Big data use could save $450 billion in healthcare costs

[preamble]Here we go again – developing new ways to piss our money away. Big Data means nothing. Banks, insurance companies etc.. all work with big data – so why are we spending our money “studying” it? Read the article –
“Patients will not benefit from research on exercise, for example, if they persist in their sedentary lifestyles. And physicians may not improve patient outcomes if they refuse to follow treatment protocols based on big data, and instead rely solely on their own judgment.”

We don’t need “big data” to tell me that i am fat and need to exercise and stop eating or to take my meds. I am human its the best it can be unless you legislate it and all this means it WILL be legislated and controlled so i am forced to be healthy – healthy in terms of what the government deems healthy.

For example, they estimate that, when combined with big data, efforts to combat a chronic condition like coronary heart disease such as taking aspirin, undergoing early cholesterol screening and smoking cessation, could bring care costs down by $30 billion.

end to privacy – once the government controls the data we are i big trouble – when this folly ends.[backtopost]

April 5, 2013 | By

Big data could help U.S. citizens save as much as $450 billion in healthcare costs, but fundamental change is necessary to meeting such goals, according to a new analysis published this month by consulting firm McKinsey & Company.

Among some of the changes needed, according to the analysis, is a continuation of the move away from fee-for-service care, as well as recognition on the part of both providers and patients that data can be an effective tool.

“[A]ll stakeholders must recognize the value of big data and be willing to act on its insights, a fundamental mind-set shift for many and one that may prove difficult to achieve,” the analysis says. “Patients will not benefit from research on exercise, for example, if they persist in their sedentary lifestyles. And physicians may not improve patient outcomes if they refuse to follow treatment

The authors point out that seemingly simple interventions performed on a large scale could lead to huge savings. For example, they estimate that, when combined with big data, efforts to combat a chronic condition like coronary heart disease such as taking aspirin, undergoing early cholesterol screening and smoking cessation, could bring care costs down by $30 billion.

“Our estimate of $300 billion to $450 billion in reduced healthcare spending could be conservative, as many insights and innovations are still ahead,” the authors say.

In a recent Hospital Impact blog post, Kent Bottles, M.D, a senior fellow at the Thomas Jefferson University School of Population Health, says that leveraging big data represents a paradigm shift in healthcare.

“I am convinced big data and algorithms will disrupt healthcare in ways that are only now becoming appreciated,” Bottles says. He adds, however, that there are “definite risks and unintended consequences” to using big data, particularly with regard to ensuring privacy, something the McKinsey analysis authors point out, as well.

“Privacy issues will continue to be a major concern,” they say. “Although new computer programs can readily remove names and other personal information from records being transported into large databases, stakeholders across the industry must be vigilant and watch for potential problems as more information becomes public.”

NIH commits $96 million to make sense of big data

By Ashley Gold Comment | Forward | Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn


The National Institutes of Health has committed $96 million to fund big data research centers, aimed at improving the ability of the research community to use and make sense of large and complex datasets.Over a four-year span, $24 million annually will be set aside to establish six to eight Big Data Knowledge Centers of Excellence. The money will be used for the “development and distribution of innovative approaches, methods, software, and tools for data sharing, integration, analysis and management,” according to NIH.The ability to manage big data is a problem for many healthcare providers, researchers and patients alike. Much of that, NIH says, is due to a lack of tools, accessibility and training. The Big Data to Knowledge Initiative plans on announcing even more funding opportunities in upcoming months.

“This funding opportunity represents a concerted effort to leverage the power of NIH in developing cutting-edge systems to address data science challenges,” NIH Director Francis S. Collins said in a statement. “The goal is to help researchers translate data into knowledge that will advance discoveries and improve health, while reducing costs and redundancy.”

Products from the research will be shared and distributed to the research community, and the centers are supposed to interact as a “consortium” that builds on individual research efforts.

It’s been predicted that big data could save $450 billion in healthcare costs, but big change could be necessary for meeting such goals first. Providers and patients must both recognize that data can be an effective tool, according to Kent Bottles, M.D, a senior fellow at the Thomas Jefferson University School of Population Health.

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Doctors Prescribe Fruit for children – city pays for it – parenting is ended

Our beloved city now pays for fruit for our children. Seems parents are “concerned” about the diabetes disease and their fat kids who only eat at McDonalds. Hence, they need a doctor to prescribe fruit and “we” the people of NY pay for subsidies. HMMM – what happened to parenting? They have money for McDonalds BUT NO money for an apple? Is this a joke? Parenting skills are gone and we need our government to help us. Of course this is prevalent in the inner cities – low income, black and Latinos – sorry its the truth the numbers don’t lie. Of course these parents are “so happy” that the city now pays for their food. Reduces even more their responsibility.

Am I the only one that sees something wrong with this? You cannot defend this. You cannot defend giving free housing, free food, free education free clothes free cable add.. nausea – To people and expect NOTHING in return.

Idea – anyone in public housing has top spend 2 day a week maintaining the property and if its not maintained they have to pay for repairs – watch how fast things get better. Idea – anyone going to the Emergency room has to pay $20 – watch how fast you clear out the emergency room and end the “crisis”. ACCOUNTABILITY – RESPONSIBILITY.

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Detroit bankrupt – lets bail them out!

Detroit went bankrupt because it had bad leaders and policies – period. So now what to do? Hmm lets bail them out! Don’t worry we still have plenty of OUR money left to bail out and reward bad behavior. How bout we let it fail and watch what comes of the rubble – rising of the phoenix. If we keep bailing out failures – than failure has no meaning since it does not exist – now if someone will bail out my mortgages?


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Mayoral Candidates sleep in city housing

I find it interesting that NO ONE says to the people getting FREE housing to buy a can paint. Clean your house, Clean your hallway, wash the walls – do anything that shows you respect the FREE services that I pay for for you. Everyone in free housing should once a month be required to police the hallways and grounds. Clean up their apartments, vacuum and make sure the free housing given is livable. Oh and if they have a cell phone or other luxury, than they must pay a specific amount to the federal housing since they are not soo “broke” for every luxury – and yes these are luxury’s since i am taxes as such (check your bill) people should have to pay for the services and if they don’t clean or follow the rules, they are tossed out.

this leads us to the next post……

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No more IRS scandal?

Guess we all forgot about the IRS scandal. Now we hear our president wants to be like Trevan martin – a thug. Al Sharpton still causing problems YET has not addressed the other days shooting of 5 blacks by a black.

Lets see what else we can think about….. ah a Obama care Advocate got on the radio and decided to quickly state that “we all have to have insurance” she repeated this multiple times very low and fast – than said MY/Our health insurance will be about $300-$700 a month. Hmmm is that affordable? We have the same people in power, same procedures in place and now we toss in a trillion dollars more a month for all the same failures. I guess it will be like our auto insurance – we HAVE to have it to drive – yet, my rates have always – always always gone up – 30 years no accidents, no claims – 1 seat belt ticket – that is on my license for what 15 years – you know ANY reason to raise insurance.

I refuse to pay any tax or penalty for a product i do not want – period. I will put all my employees on part time and i will release one at a time as my fees increase.

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Brooklyn hospital transfers its last patients – FINALLY!

[preamble]A whopping 18 patients have ot be moved – finally a dead hospital closes – the unions lose some steam and we save money. Now lets go after the other wasteful ones – Brooklyn and others that choose to wait our money……[backtopost]
Brooklyn hospital transfers its last patients

Long Island College Hospital’s closure move triggered a fresh round of protests Thursday as politicians, hospital staff and unions lambasted state officials.
By Barbara Benson
July 18, 2013 3:59 p.m.

SUNY Downstate officials submitted a closure plan yesterday for Long Island College Hospital, triggering a fresh round of protests Thursday from Brooklyn politicians and the unions whose members work at the Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, institution. The state Department of Health has the power to approve or deny the closure.

With few patients to support its overhead, losses at LICH are now $15 million a month, according to a SUNY spokesman, nearly quadruple previous estimates provided by SUNY. Mounting losses at LICH prompted SUNY to file a closure plan with the state in February. Its plan was derailed by legal action by 1199 SEIU Healthcare Workers East and the New York State Nurses Association.

The 18 patients remaining at LICH on Thursday are scheduled to be transferred to other hospitals. The SUNY spokesman said that patients have been slowly moved over the past few weeks to other hospitals, while SUNY directed its doctors to perform procedures at other facilities where they had admitting privileges.

LICH has been kept open by legal action. The courts prevented SUNY and DOH from implementing a formal closure, putting in place a temporary restraining order. The legal battle over the order, which has been playing out since February, may be resolved within three weeks or so by an appellate court. SUNY lawyers filed an appeal July 8 that argued state agencies are exempt from a temporary restraining order. A hearing had been scheduled this week on a contempt motion that argued SUNY officials ignored the order, but the hearing was pushed back to August.

SUNY’s position is that the new closure plan is not in violation of the temporary restraining order, which it argues “has been stayed by virtue of the appeal in the appellate division,” said the SUNY spokesman. “No TRO is in effect at the moment, which allowed us to file the closure plan.”

Local elected officials along with medical staff of the hospital protested the move.

Earlier this month, LICH’s daily patient census hovered between 20 and 35. Lora Lefebvre, associate vice chancellor for health affairs at SUNY, said LICH lost about 100 residents who would have started their training on July 1.

“Our concern is patient safety,” she said in a July 9 interview.

While the hospital’s supporters say that SUNY’s actions amount to a de facto closure, LICH remains open, said the SUNY spokesman. “It is not closing this weekend unless DOH approves. The hospital remains open until the health department says no.”

That is not how the unions assess the escalating situation.

“SUNY is attempting to move all patients out of LICH by tomorrow,” said Jill Furillo, executive director of the New York State Nurses Association, in a statement.

Public Advocate and mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio, who was arrested at a recent rally in support of LICH, issued a statement today that blasted state officials.

“At the same time SUNY and the governor promised everything possible was being done to save LICH, they were preparing to sell it off to the highest bidder,” Mr. de Blasio said. “The same luxury condos being put up over St. Vincent’s will soon rise over LICH if we don’t stop this in its tracks.”

Weighing in through a joint statement issued Council Speaker Christine Quinn, who is also running for mayor, and Councilman Stephen Levin, the politicians said, “Once again, SUNY Downstate demonstrates blatant disregard for the court’s ruling that the hospital remain open for service.”

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NY Mayor removing elevators from buildings for our own health!

Just kidding about removing elevators but i bet he will limit elevator usage in the effort to make us all healthy!

Boy scouts say fat kids cant play with them

Our president is changing the constitution because it does not make sense to him

Gas prices increasing despite us using less gas – who is making money on this?

Blacks still mad about legal verdict

Sheldon Silver still in power – great job Cuomo remember what you said “i will throw them in jail..anyone that breaks the law” jada jada jada

911 – bad for unions -lets spend several billion more to break it again

Donuts declared illegal! Twinkies are on the rise – devil dogs angry with the resurgence of Twinkies and have started a class action suit against the ingredients manufacturers.

Downed Korean flight lawyers suing plane manufacturers of toilet seat – seems it was unable to contain the explosive feces of a large Korean person that ruptured the tank causing the crash – someone has to pay – someone is to blame – someone is at fault.

Politician pissed when she called 911 – t too 30 minutes to respond – feels they disgraced her – now had vendetta against system and mayor – its the new “crisis” people will die!

Commissioner Kelley going for homeland security adviser – red light green light 1 -2 – 3
he will never make it there president wants pansies and followers not leaders that can easily usurp is dribble.

Obama care to save millions of dollars in health costs at a cost of trillions of dollars of tax payer money – only in Washington would they consider this a victory.

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Zimmermen not guilty, Weiner/Spitzer the corrupt duo, opposition to photo id for voters

Zimmermain is found not guilty – however, it seems our courts of law and their legal constitutional decisions by a jury of their peers can be challenged if a group yells long and loud enough. Hence, if the federal government intervenes, is not that a suspension of the constitution where even if we are found not guilty we can still be guilty and tried again and again.

Once again teh black have lost an opportunity to fix teh problems. The situation is/was tragic. How society set this scenario up to happen. Idea: Blacks stop denying the problems – start teaching your kids to do well in school, family life, that looking and acting like a thug is unacceptable. Work hard etc… Than and only than can you change the perception of society towards the ones that keep you at the level you are – we have a black president – you can be anything you want to be – choose wisely and stop hiding behind your blackism.

Weiner and spitzer as mayor and comptroller – if we elect them, we deserve everything we get – what else is there to day. We seem to accept the lies and corruption and actually like it – since we keep voting them in.

Photo ID required to vote – yes we want to verify you are a citizen of this US – however it seems our officials feel this is “too much” for us to handle – hmm i have a photo id for a drivers license and require it at the airport – does this limit anyone from traveling – nope. Oh thats right, it will stop the illegial aliens form voting – god forbid we say what they are – illegal – law breakers.