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Aron Alexis Tragedy – preventable?

The senseless killing of so many people always makes us wonder if we could have prevented this or WHY did this happen. What we forget as a people is that “bad things happen for no reason” – that’s life. Not everything has a reason or someone to blame. Not everything can be prevented.

What I am afraid of is the level of fear we are displaying. We already medicate our children if they are too active, we want background checks if anyone shows any signs of any emotion, we fear anyone that shows signs of any outward display of emotion etc…

Could we really have prevented this shooting? Its not possible to put all the pieces together all the time. He showed NO signs of such behavior.

Watch the movie “Minority Report” Thought crimes – we MAY commit a crime so we have to be imprisoned. Far fetched? Hmmmmm – lets see what happens……..

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Dianne Feinstein’s Husband’s Co., A Real Estate Broker, is Exclusive Seller of Closing Post Office Branches

[preamble]A state senator’s husband has an exclusive deal to sell millions of dollars of real estate for the USPS service. The audacity and perversity of these people is beyond even what I can imagine. If this was any of us, we would have been in jail. The rules seem to not apply to anyone anymore.
Simply stating “there was nothing sinister about this deal” is a blatant lie and does not preclude the fact that a states senators husband was given exclusive preferential treatment, At the least for decency, they should have declined the deal.
When this folly ends[backtopost]

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Feinstein cc

You have to respect just the blatant disregard for anything decent exhibited by Dianne Feinstein. Her in-your-face entitlement is breathtaking and yet at times oddly amusing. For instance check out this little gem from last year when she’s asked why she wouldn’t debate her Republican challenger for the US Senate.

Oh my, I could watch that a couple more times.

Anyhoo…Now comes word that Ms. Feinstein’s husband’s real estate company is doing all the sales of decommissioned post offices around the country. The USPS used to use multiple brokers, but not anymore. The senator’s husband must be really good.

And doubly advantageous for the US taxpayer also is that such a good broker would be married to someone who regularly votes on postal issues. I mean, what are the chances! We the American tax payers really lucked out on this one.

(From The Independent Institute)

The US Postal Service is selling hundreds of properties in prime locations across the country to help them deal with their financial difficulties. In the past, the USPS has used multiple real estate agents to sell their properties, but in 2011 the USPS signed a contract with CBRE Group to be the sole provider of real estate services, nation-wide, for their sales.

The Chairman of CBRE Group is Richard Blum, the husband of California Senator Dianne Feinstein.

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Costly robotic surgeries no safer than regular procedures

[preamble]Knew this was coming – no way can an expensive robot designed to make the manufacturer money will lower costs. MAYBE better outcomes but as we can see  – nope. Hence, is not this increasing the cost of healthcare? Do we not think I am paying enough? What happened to GOOD surgeons?[backtopost]
September 10, 2013  | By

Increasingly troubling news about robotic surgery continues to emerge. This  time, a study published recently in the journal Obstetrics  and Gynecology finds that robotic cases cost substantially more than  laparoscopic cases of hysterectomy, despite no apparent safety benefits.

After identifying women who underwent robotic or laparoscopic surgery for  benign disease in 2009 and 2010, and using propensity scores based on  in-hospital complications, hospital length of stay, and hospital changes, the  study authors have determined that the perioperative outcomes are similar  between the two modes of surgery, but that robotic surgery costs close to $2,500  more to a hospital, per patient.

“Unfortunately, the greater costs associated with robotic-assisted  hysterectomy were not reflected in improvement in outcomes,” the researchers,  from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas,  say, according to Bloomberg.

According to research published last week in the Journal for  Healthcare Quality, complications from robotic surgery are widely  underreported. Of the roughly 1 million robotics surgeries performed since 2000,  only 245 complications (including 71 deaths) were reported to the U.S. Food and  Drug Administration, according to the study.

In March, the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists said that  robotic surgery for hysterectomies should not be a first or even second choice  for women undergoing routine procedures, due, in part, to the learning  curve associated with the robotic system. That same month, health officials in Massachusetts sent a letter outlining safety  concerns about robotic surgery after two damaging incidents involving robots  performing hysterectomies.


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Doctors under attack again – aiding and abetting prescription drug abuse

That’s right – yesterday 4 commercials played on the radio on how the new ISTOP program will stop doctors from aiding prescription drug abusers. Doctors have been known to abuse prescription drugs and give them to people forcing them to be addicts….. This was the intent of the commercials.

It seems some “mother” lost a child to drug addiction and blamed doctors – now she has a cause and god forbid a politician refuses a mother cause. Hence we have these insane laws and regulations that do nothing but increase burdens on society and cost us money.

Your tragic loss is not always someones fault and may not have been preventable. Take responsibility for yourself. Your child may have been an addict – why did you not seek them help?
Its akin to all the stop signs in the neighborhood – 1 accident and the community screams!! now we have a stop sign on every block causing traffic and guess what? Same number of accident – but some parent feels good somewhere!

Oh – and the sound of silence from doctors.

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Keeping failed hospitals open — Who will pay for them?

LICH ordered to stay open – doctors rallying to keep failing hospitals open – Doctors have proven they are not business people. The closing of LICH has caused NO difference in care anywhere.
Hence it and other hospitals are redundant – so unless the advocates of these failing hospitals wish to take money out of their pocket to pay for them to stay open, they should not be advocating to spend OUR money.

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Just a little bit more…….Again

Once again our presidents mantra “just a little bit more” extends now to our cell phones. You know the bill you get that already has 10 fees on it plus state and local taxes – well our president in his quest to create unsustainable programs want to add $5.00 to your bill every month for 3 years to put high speed internet in all schools.

While it “seems” like a wonderful idea, lets review it. The president wants the tax to extend for 3 years than stop – so he does ot need congresses approval – again he circumnavigates our system to impose fees and levies on the American people. Do we all believe for an instant that after 3 years this fee will go away? let me tell you why. Putting high speed internet in every school costs money to implement and money to maintain for EVER! After the 3 years, who will pay for the ongoing service? If the schools cannot afford it now, what makes us think by giving them a free service for 3 years than taking it away that they can suddenly afford it?

I can just hear the schools screaming that they need assistance aka handouts, bailouts – OUR MONEY – for the good of the children! Tugging the old heart strings as the unions have been doing for years to the tune of billions of wasted dollars, failing schools and dumb students.

Sustainability, growth, lower taxes – all foreign to our current politicians.
How much is “a little more”

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Attorney General’s radio ad advising to submit complaints against doctors

In the never ending battle against physicians, i heard on the radio today the Attorney Generals office ad advising us to report doctors if they are suspected of giving improper drugs – this is in accord with the new ISTOP program which basically makes a doctors life needlessly more complicated. It seems a few angry mothers believed it was the doctors fault that their children died of a drug over dose – god forbid if they took responsibility themselves that their children might have been addicts and they, the parents, missed the signs and did nothing. Horrible to say and more difficult for us to process this – its much easier for a few angry parents to take up a cause and change everyone else’s lives – our politicians don’t want to lose votes do they.

There are some doctors that sell drugs as there are politicians that steal our money and? Why don’t we have a society against political corruption?

This never ending battle against doctors leads all of us to think that they are all evil and deserve to be punished. Yet they say nothing.

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Prominent psychiatrist admits he helped invent ADHD as a disease

[preamble]The pursuit of money creates a disease and a state of mind that the disease is treatable with drugs – long terms effects be damned. Now what to do with the new diabetes as a disease[backtopost]
Tuesday, August 13, 2013 by: Paul Fassa
Tags: psychiatry, ADHD, fake diseases

(NaturalNews) Many vaguely understand that the American Psychiatric Association (APA) keeps making up diseases as they continue developing new issues of their DSM or Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.

Recently, a founding father of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), announced a few months before his death that … “ADHD is a prime example of a fictitious disease.”

After turning 87 years old, American psychiatrist Dr. Leon Eisenberg made this statement to the German weekly Der Spiegel on 2 February 2012. Seven months later, he died. Apparently, he had decided to come clean and confess before moving to the beyond.

Dr. Eisenberg was among the committee of psychiatrists who put together the DMS II in 1968. He had initially coined the term “hyperkinetic reaction of childhood,” which was described and agreed upon by the committee and confirmed by a small percentage of APA members as a mental disorder. Later, the term was altered to the current ADHD.

Yet, there is no biological proof or test to determine exactly what chemicals are “out of balance” in the brain for ADHD or any other disorder. Most psychiatric drugs are unnecessary at least. And they have often caused suicide and homicide.

Then there are the milder adverse reactions that include feeling depressed or not like oneself and even physically out of sorts among those taking psychotropics for mental disorders created by committees.

An epidemic of pharmaceutical drug use is harming millions of kids

Since that DMS conference in 1968, Dr. Eisenberg’s contribution to mental disease by invention and committee consensus has resulted in drugging millions of children from preschool age through high school.

It’s currently estimated that up to 20% (one out of five) of children from nursery school and kindergarten through high school and in foster homes have been prescribed Ritalin.

Ritalin, commonly prescribed for kids “diagnosed” (labeled is more appropriate) with ADHD was tested a little over a decade ago by the Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL). The BNL study determined that Ritalin is pharmacologically similar to cocaine with perhaps even worse brain damaging potential.

Even the DEA’s Office of Diversion Control classifies methylphenidate (RitalinR) as a Class II controlled substance with … “a high potential for abuse which may lead to severe psychological or physical dependence.”

Ritalin and other pharmaceutical psychotropic prescriptions are often enforced with threats of expulsion of those kids deemed inattentive or difficult to manage.

Parents, teachers, or foster home caretakers who are too busy to bother managing children with dietary changes or appropriate social management skills are easily convinced that these drugs offer solutions.

Meanwhile, the collusion of Big Pharma and psychiatry thrives with their DMS invented diseases, which legitimized government and private insurance funding for their bogus medical racket. You don’t have to be well off to pay for a shrink anymore. Just make sure your coverage includes psychotropic drugs.

Psychiatrists with pharmaceutical ties comprised at least 68% of the DMS-V committee. Big Pharma pays psychiatrists to deliver seminars, act as consultants, or enroll their clients into final testing of new drugs.

Some receive up to $100,000. Big Pharma paid out $250 million for these and other professional services during the years 2009 and 2010. Dr. Irwin Savodnik, Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at UCLA School of Medicine, stated succinctly, “The very vocabulary of psychiatry is now defined at all levels by the pharmaceutical industry.”

The widespread drugging of children with neurological damage potential puts normal kids in harm’s way while creating psychological ignorance and dependence on a pseudo-scientific medical racket that’s raking in billions.

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Another set back for “African Americans”

Today a judge rules stop and frisk unconstitutional – Al Sharpton and others are probably in their glory. However, the real losers are the people in the neighborhoods that stop and frisk has been scaled back and or stopped. The real losers are the African Americans and their children. The only winners are the thugs and the Al Sharptons.

No one noticed that as soon as stop and frisk has been attacked, the number of shootings and crimns has risen. It seems we now always hear about a killing, shooting etc… in the neighborhoods. The majorioty being blacks. Lets be realistic, the media NEVER says a black man shoots several people  – no what we hear is an “individual” shoots…..

The media seems to “forget” the race of the people performing the crimes. Are we as a society that blind to the stupidity and dangerous message we are giving out?

Whats wrong with addressing the problem head on – blacks commit the majority of crimes – why? Who are they? What is the cause of it? How do we target it and develope a method to combat it as a society together. NOT black vs white, not black vs black but a society attempting to fix a situation. NO problem can be solved if its not identified and hidden behind a vale of political correctness – it only hurts the police in doing their job, it hurts the people that we need to protect and it perpetuates a cultural of “its not us, its racial”.

Once you use the word “racism” all meaningful discussions stop. Are we to ignore race and make believe its not a factor in anything thats done? Are we to allow our police force to not profile and attack the people causing crime?
I live in Bayridge Brooklyn, am i not racially profiled as a white person with money hence the city attacks us with fines and meter maids? Is the same distribution of meter maids in Brownsville, bronx etc..? The answer is no – hence profiling only is a crime if its politically incorrect – NOT if its an income for the city.

The numbers show the problem, as our mayor said:
Blacks are hte most likely to fail in business
Blacks are the most likely to commit a crime – etc…
Why? Blacks need to get over their blacksim and open their eyes – they need to take charge of themselves and stop acting like victims. The Chinese in 1 generation have surpassed the blacks who had over 150 years.

Bill Cosby said it right – step up and be a man. This will never be solved it we continue to ignore the true problem.

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Our School are failing – AGAIN

[preamble]New tests – lower scores, more money for our school system! Our politicians and people in charge of the system actually think its a GOOD thing when the test scores are lower. Since i was a child all I kept hearing was how there is not enough money – blah blah blah

We never hear that our students are doing well and our schools are in good shape – i want my money back – we spend too much for no return.

When this folly ends.