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Your Medical Data IS Not Secure – New report confirms!

I discussed how your health records are not secure and hospitals in Brooklyn, NY are already sharing your data without your consent – this report confirms such information. Obama care is dangerous and socialistic. It allows”them” to take complete control. Read the program – you will be scared – its time to put an end to this
Your Medical Records are NOT SAFE

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Stop telling me how much to eat and drink!

Mr mayor of NY

You are hitting us with a hidden tax on these 16oz drinks. While you state we can purchase what we want, the realty is that 2 16oz drinks are double the price! A 32 oz drink is only 15% more. Hence you have given us a hidden tax by charging us more for our right to choose!

If you force this on us, then you MUST SHUT DOWN SHAKE SHACK! where each meal is 2000 calories!
Do it now please!



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Physicians – telling us how to live

The new face of medicine.
ACO’s, medical homes, the premise of reducing costs etc.. all designed to deliver better medicine to me.

Sounds goo
But – to do this, they will have to tell you how to eat, exercise, take your meds, how much sleep, what activities you can do etc.. basically physicians are now the guardians of our health – weather we like it or not

they have invaded our homes, have invaded our live. They will tell us what to eat and what to drink.

Its all there – read Obama care, read about the Accountable Care Organizations, read about Medical Homes

Please read Orwells “1984” and “Animal Farm”

The will come for you

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Detroit – Putting Wifi in cars so they “talk” to each other

They say it will prevent crashes, allow cars to “talk” to each other –  to know when they are too close, to allow for safer passing etc…

Whilst i am an advocate of all technology, i can definitely see some benefits in this – however, lets present a few comments on the “true” purpose of this:

1.Track the miles we do so we can be taxed on how far we drive
2. Track how many hours we drive without a break and ticket us for driving “tired” (already a law)
3. Ticket us for speeding by calculating our speed
4. Allow townships and counties and states to track us and ticket us if we speed
5. Monitor our driving habits
6. Monitor our average speed
7.  Monitor times of day we drive
8. Monitor how hard we use the breaks
9. Monitor how we use our cell phones

They can no monitor all aspect of our driving. Penalize us for such behavior and begin charging us for trends etc..

And you can bet your insurance company will use this data and raise your rates

Do we want such surveillance?

Already our electrical companies want to monitor our usage and turn down our thermostats for us – they will tell us how hot or cold we have to be. In California, they actually penalized a homeowner for not allowing such a smart thermostats in their home.

This is not where we want to go or be

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Your Personal Medical Data Is Shared Without Your Consent

You should be worried – as a matter of fact, you should be angry and scared
Worried – that hospitals are sharing your personal medical data with government repositories without your knowledge or consent.
Angry – that our government would allow such a thing to occur.

Sharing of health information for “our own good” has been one of the main points of Obama care. Better health, easy access to our medical data, sharing of information to reduce duplicate testing, “follow me care” where we can be in any part of our great country and have the physician have access to our medical information to diagnose and help us faster and at a lower cost. The development of ACO’s or Accountable Care Organizations that have groups of physicians work towards providing better health care to their patients and manage their health better – basically proactive medicine instead of reactive – catching ailments or disease trends before they become life threatening etc…
HIPPA – the agency put in place to protect our individual rights as patients and our medical data. HIPPA penalizes physicians heavily if they do not have specific security in place for your personal medical health data. HIPPA has specific guidelines for protecting your personal medical data.

Insurance companies are NOT supposed to have access to your personal medical data (unless your consent is given)

I am an advocate for these plans as it have benefits in our health and possible control costs. Plus our government put in place an agency to protect my data, OUR PERSONAL DATA, from being used improperly and from being accessible to anyone without our knowledge.
So far so good……………..

For any of this to work, we, the patients, have to give permission to share our personal data. Agencies, government agencies, are being created (LIPIX, HEALTHIX, RHIUOS and now SHINY) to store, collate, analyze and trend our medical information. This information will foster better overall health and possibly lower costs for health care as well as track disease trends in populations, allow analysis of drug effectiveness in specific populations for specific diseases. I think you get the point and can understand how effective this can be.
We the patients are being assured that we are in control of our data. We have the right to refuse access by anyone our medical record information an dif we do allow access or uploading to these government medical warehouses, we can OPZT OUT at any time with the assurance that our data will be removed.
Sounds even better…….
Since I heard of this several years ago and realized that a patient has the right to allow and deny access at will to their data, I kept repeating the questions:
1. How can this be managed?
2. Without the data form all patients, all analysis will be incomplete and skewed
3. if all do not participate, how can any of this work properly?
YOUR PERSONAL MEDICAL INFORMATION – ALL OF IT – lab results, blood type, diseases, medications, age, smoking, BMI, sexual diseases ……. ALL OF IT is out there – NOT UNDER YOUR CONTROL – EVEN IF YOU EMPHATICALLY STATE DO NOT SHARE IT.

Brooklyn hospitals, namely Lutheran Medical, Maimonides and possibly Brooklyn Hospital HAVE BEEN SHARING YOUR PERSONAL DATA WITHOUT YOUR KNOWLEDGE OR CONSENT

Yes that’s right – your local hospitals have been giving your private medical data to government agencies and sharing it with others – without your knowledge.
Hence HIPPA, the government agency responsible to protect us from this sort of action has proven ineffective in preventing what its entire existence is meant for – your personal medical data.

I have included an actual consent form – please read it and you will understand how much of your private information is being transmitted to our government agencies and insurance companies. And they say insurance companies cannot use it against us – are we kidding ourselves.

Our government has proven incapable of upholding our rights as citizens, as usurped the constitution and has in effect lied to us about our data security.

It’s time to take a stand – we need a class action lawsuit against these institutions.

Be afraid be very afraid – read the attached consent form – it clearly states “your data to be share only if you agree” but these institutions are doing it without your consent – its illegal!

Actual consent form:
DOC (11)

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Paying for people not to work

The Obama administration announced today that it will make grants available to states to pay employers employees to NOT get laid off.

Yes America. We are now paying for people to now get laid off. Our president’s plan for job growth is to pay employees and employers for workers.

Did not Europe fail because of this?

When does it end? Will our government “own” all employees soon?

Is this the America we want?

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The OBAMA motto: We’ve got what it takes, to take what you’ve got!

The  Treasure of Sierra Madre

* * * * * *
The  Wizard of Oz
* * * *  * *

* * * * * *
Gone  With The Wind
* * * *  * *

* * * * * *
Bonnie  & Clyde
* * * *  * *

* * * * * *
The  Godfather
* * * *  * *

** * * *  *
The Wizard of Oz
* * * *  * *

* * * * * *
It’s A  Wonderful Life
* * * *  * *

* * * * * *
* * * *  * *

* * * * * *
More  reality
* * * *  * *

* * * * * *
Still  more
* * * *  * *

* * * * * *
And a  couple of more?’
* * * *  * *

Nope,  gotta have just one more!