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Obama-Gate Continues

President Obama in his latest attempt at a cover up continues to deny and project realty. He had the current IRS head resign today – a step toward reform he says – really? Hmmm this person’s tenure with the IRS ends next week and he was NOT in charge when this happened – hence its a distraction, a faint move by our president to try to show he is “doping something” when in fact he is protecting himself.

The true facts:
The person in charge of the IRS when this was taking place has been given a promotion! Yes you heard it a promotion. Guess what kind of promotion? She is now in charge of the IRS Obama care division – wow! So we have a political presidential crony that trumps our constitution and turns our government against its own people in charge of the biggest debacle in American history with enough power to destroy each and every person in America.

This same person was directly involved with, knew about, ordered its execution and was directed to turn the dogs of her organization the IRS against Americans for policital gain.

Fact: Last year before the election, numerous senators wrote to the IRS stating there are unfair practices going on in the agency against specific political groups that appose the president.
Fact: These warnings were ignored
Fact: The president was fully aware and probably quietly directed this to happen

I don’t believe in such coincidences. I don’t believe he was unaware of this and the Benghazi issue that magically occurred during his election campaign.

Blaming low level people on doing this on their own?


When this folly ends….
Be afraid – be VERY Afraid
Obama-gate is just the tip!

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Obama-Gate: our country against thee

Obama-Gate – using the IRS to attack and destroy his political adversaries. Interesting how the papers are not screaming about it more. Will we let this rogue president get away with it? Possibly – he has done a good job of watering down our Constitution and what makes us great – same as he has done for Benghazi – you remember – it was because of the video not terrorists. Its like a bad joke – we cant make this up – Obama, Clinton and the entire white house were telling us that its because of a video and its all ok – meanwhile our ambassadors and Americans were SCREAMING for help in the background – their cries fell on deaf ears and they lost their lives. That is the truth of the matter. Our president and his staff shut off their TV and went to bed whilst Americans were under attack and died – that is treason and conduct un-becoming a president and an administration – or can it be considered worse?

Of course they all deny it – it seems this president has made it more popular to NOT tell the truth  – it seems to be the last thing that we ever hear and when confronted with the lies, he simple says – “i heard it on the tv”. There really is not more to say about this  – what other words can be used to describe the “new” government that we elected. Thats the real problem “we – the people” elected this. Its now time to remove it.

When this folly ends.

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Our New Pope

this is a fascinating interview…it’s long but if you want to read some great insight and wisdom from this future Pope just skip to the paragraphs highlighted in red.

The fact that matthews is a despicable anti-Semite has no bearing on this interview






The following is a transcript of an interview between CHRIS MATHEWS, MSNBC American journalist and then Cardinal Bergolio. It is clear why the interview was never broadcast. This Pope is a breath of fresh air; a very enlightening, clear understanding of social justice. It is clear that Matthews never understood or learned a thing.


REPORTER: Welcome Cardinal.

BERGOGLIO: Thank you. Happy to speak with you.

REPORTER: Well, let me get into it directly. Last conclave, you were almost elected Pope. Can this happen again?

BERGOGLIO: What? That I will almost be the Pope, again?

REPORTER: No. Will you be the next Pope?

BERGOGLIO: Friend, I’m only jesting with you. I understand the question. I will not be the next Pope

REPORTER: Why not?

BERGOGLIO: I chose not to. God has someone else in mind I’m certain.

REPORTER: But you would take the job if it were offered.

BERGOGLIO: I think not.

REPORTER: Why not.

BERGOGLIO: I believe I’m too embroiled in the secular fiasco. It is a spiritual job, and I’m a soldier. Look at the nature of power. In Europe first and now in America , elected men have taken it upon themselves to indebt their people to create an atmosphere of dependency. And why? For their own selfish need to increase their own personal power. I’ve been a keen observer of the effect this has on the people, especially the poor. They are very good at creating poverty where there is no reason to explain it. My job is try to alleviate poverty and if that means to oppose the cause then I will not be Pope.

REPORTER: But you are worried you would be a spend thrift pope?

BERGOGLIO: Friend. Where did you go to school?

REPORTER: La Salle College High School in Pennsylvania and.

BERGOGLIO: And after that?

REPORTER: College of the Holy Cross.

BERGOGLIO: They told me you were Catholic. Once elected the Pope is by virtue of the promise of Jesus to Peter, the Pope is preserved from the possibility of error. God would change any spend thrift politician into a responsible Pope. I’m just saying I’m not that man.

REPORTER: So what is your job?

BERGOGLIO: My job is to ask you? Why are men creating poverty?

REPORTER: What do you mean?

BERGOGLIO: I mean that poverty is part of the natural condition and that is bad enough. But my task is to prevent the aggravation of this condition. The ideology that adds to the poverty must be denounced. I have and this is the reason I will not be Pope. I have a saying for myself, no more poverty than God originally intended in the fall from Grace?


BERGOGLIO: It is a spiritual choice, and I’m a political person. I’m sorry. I know you will make more money from this interview if I’m Pope. Or want to be Pope. But I’m sorry. I can’t help you. God has already chosen someone anyway. Right? You learned this in school?

REPORTER: Yes. Well? Where are you on the issues that matter most, issues about contraception, women priests?

BERGOGLIO: This might be a surprise to you, but I am Catholic. We are Catholic. It isn’t an issue and for you to pretend that it is being debated goes against God.

REPORTER: If you were Pope, then you would not change anything.

BERGOGLIO: Certainly God would direct the new Pope to have more compassion for these newly created poor. And if there is any social justice in the Church, the new Pope would have a stern word for the creators of the new situation.

REPORTER: But you are staunchly orthodox on the issues of abortion, contraception, and same-sex marriage.

BERGOGLIO: I am catholic.

REPORTER: You were punished for opposed same-sex marriage in Argentina . You opposed free contraception and the government exiled you. What do you have to say about that?

BERGOGLIO: I am catholic.

REPORTER: In the secular world, as you say, you follow the conservative line. You oppose, uh, same-sex marriages, very popular with young people. You are conservative on birth control. Won’t that be the doom of the Church, alienating young people who support reality based faith?

BERGOGLIO: Since God created the world, he also created reality. You seem to be arguing that a man can’t be Catholic in reality. Son, you are a Catholic?

REPORTER: Yes, of course. I meant no disrespect

BERGOGLIO: You don’t have to worry about offending me.

REPORTER: Okay, good. Can a, uh, Pope even be elected if he is pro-choice or pro-love? I mean isn’t the election sort of fixed in favor of anti-abortion and anti-gay marriage?

BERGOGLIO: Yes, the election is fixed by God.

REPORTER: Very witty.

BERGOGLIO: Well, you did ask.

REPORTER: It is being reported in America that you are against marriage equality. Is that why you feel that you can’t be Pope?

BERGOGLIO: God chooses the Pope, and God also made men and women different.

REPORTER: But you are… a conservative and oppose abortion!

BERGOGLIO: Friend the expression on your face gives you away.

REPORTER: I’m sorry, I’m just trying to do my job.

BERGOGLIO: And what job is that?

REPORTER: I’ve been sent to interview eight men in line for the papacy.

BERGOGLIO: And I guarantee you that they all oppose abortion. So?


BERGOGLIO: So, you feel like you need to alienate the eight from the flock?

REPORTER: That isn’t it. How can the church attract young people when it is opposed to abortion and contraception?

BERGOGLIO: Young people are just as attracted to the truth as they are convenience and expediency. So we will call it a draw.

REPORTER: Doesn’t the church need to modernize?

BERGOGLIO: Finally, I’ve met someone who will advocate publicly painting over the Sistine Chapel with one of the contemporary street artists. Are you sure you support this and in public?


BERGOGLIO: Forgive me, I was rude.

REPORTER: Won’t the new pope, don’t these cardinals realize what they’ve gotta do if they want to attract young people to the church?

BERGOGLIO: I am a cardinal.

REPORTER: Won’t the new pope, don’t you and the other cardinals realize what they must do if they want to attract young people to the church?

BERGOGLIO: I’ve explained the mysteries of the atom to rural young people and also I’ve explained the Grace of God. And you know what? They can understand both perfectly well. Frankly, I have more trouble with adults understanding both.

REPORTER: But they have done focus groups; if you want to spread your message you can’t have this position that’s anti-gay marriage and anti-contraception.

BERGOGLIO: And you treat the church as a political institution.

REPORTER: So we were not gonna see any kind of change when it comes to things that matter like abortion or gay marriage?

BERGOGLIO: All eight of the men you will be talking to are Catholic.

REPORTER: Okay, I understand. Let’s talk about your controversial stand on poverty.

BERGOGLIO: You want it to be controversial?

REPORTER: But don’t you blame various governments around the world for poverty?


REPORTER: But you refuse to blame corporations for their role.

BERGOGLIO: Okay, they also told me you have a degree in economics. No buyer, or seller either, enters into any exchange against his will. It is the nature of the economy. Man is frail, and he makes mistakes and sometimes is greedy and they enter into exchanges that don’t help them. Sometimes they become poor, but they made choices. There is nothing the Church can do except try to educate people to become good consumers. Chiefly, for me, it is an education solution on that side. And the Church has more schools around the globe than any other faith. I say teach the people to save their souls, and also teach them how not to become poor. And now not to allow the government to trick them into poverty.

REPORTER: And you blame government.

BERGOGLIO: No, I blame the self-serving politicians.

REPORTER: So your solution to poverty is to change the nature of politics?

BERGOGLIO: Please feel free to broadcast this; I don’t want to be pope. Friend, you are a socialist and your friends are socialists. And you are the reason for 70 years of misery in Russia and Europe now is seizing in pain from your policies. You believe in the redistribution of wealth and it makes entire populations poor. You want to nationalize everything and bring every human endeavor under your control. You destroy a man’s incentive to take care of his very own family, a crime against nature and nature’s God. You want social control over populations and incrementally you are making everything against the law. Together this ideology creates more poverty today than all the corporations you vilify have in the history of man.

REPORTER: I’ve never heard such from a Cardinal. I’m not sure if you are here to help yourself or disqualify yourself.

BERGOGLIO: Please air this interview. People being dominated by socialists need to know we don’t all have to be poor. Some poverty is part of our being cast out of the Garden of Eden. But look at the empire of dependency created by Hugo Chavez. Promising them, tricking them into worship of government and his very own person. Giving them fish but not allowing them to fish. If a fisherman does develop a talent today in Latin America ; he is castigated and his catch stolen by the socialists. He stops?

REPORTER: You would be the first pope from the Americas .

BERGOGLIO: He stops fishing. I will not be pope, but yes I am from Argentina .

REPORTER: And you didn’t want to be pope?

BERGOGLIO: God didn’t want me to be pope.

REPORTER: Perhaps he changed his mind.

BERGOGLIO: Ludicrous.

REPORTER: Okay, I’m sorry. I feel like we are getting off on the wrong path. I’m sorry.

BERGOGLIO: Yes, let’s be productive.

REPORTER: You are a classic conservative Catholic theologian?

BERGOGLIO: Of course there’s politics clearly in the Curia throughout the Vatican , but in terms of church teaching, it’s not a political institution. It’s religious.

REPORTER: I heard people, in fact, media people, “Is this cardinal, is he a liberal? Is he a conservative?”

BERGOGLIO: Tell them please, He’s a Catholic. It’s no more complicated than that. Catholicism is what it is. You don’t have to believe it; you may not. You don’t have to follow it; you may not go to Mass. But it’s not up to you to modernize us.

REPORTER: You see no room for reform?

BERGOGLIO: It’s not up to any religion, although some do this, ’cause they want the money. They want the membership. But the Catholic Church doesn’t do it. It’s not up to them to bend and shape and mold itself to accommodate the shrinking depravity of a worldwide culture. It’s to provide the exact opposite. It’s to provide a beacon out of depravity, socialism and sin, among other things.

REPORTER: If pope you would be bad news for the left.

BERGOGLIO: I won’t be pope. But I am opposed to abortion. I’m opposed to euthanasia. The pro-choice movement is a culture of death. I oppose the demonic same-sex marriage. I oppose gay adoption on the grounds that it is discriminatory to the child. I was exiled by the Cristina Kirchner government, but I hold no grudge. How is this bad news?

REPORTER: John Paul II rescued you?

BERGOGLIO: He made me the archbishop of Buenos Aires . Yes.

REPORTER: And so you feel like you owe the Right some sort of repayment?

BERGOGLIO: There are many values and many types of people. Perhaps it is my interest in mathematics, but I’m the type of human who is interested most in the truth. God gave me a healthy love for the truth. Loyalty is only a virtue if in support of the truth or another important value.

REPORTER: Cristina Kirchner said you held a grudge.

BERGOGLIO: Funny I’ve never spoken her name. Not once. And it is a battle of ideas not a battle of two or more people. I’m only concerned with ideas.

REPORTER: She said you refused to speak up for civil rights violations.

BERGOGLIO: As a spiritual leader, I opposed cultural modernization, and so I became a political enemy. I understand politics as well as I do mathematics.

REPORTER: And the Jesuits, they were eager to cast you out, which they did.

BERGOGLIO: So you are implying that I’m a vengeful priest?

REPORTER: Do you feel that you need to erase the progress recently made in Latin America ?

BERGOGLIO: I say poverty. You say progress.

REPORTER: Let’s talk about poverty.

BERGOGLIO: Sure, there is voluntary poverty that is virtuous. Many understood the nobility of making themselves independent of the fleeting things of earth. They are distractions from our pursuit of the truth. I have no problem with this. I only oppose involuntary poverty.

REPORTER: That is what I thought you would say.


REPORTER: Because you are a capitalist right?

BERGOGLIO: Yes, I think capital is needed to build a factory, a parochial school, or a church or hospital, all. Do you oppose factories or churches or hospitals?

REPORTER: Of course not, but don’t you think the capital is sucked out of peoples hands by greedy business types to pay for these factories?

BERGOGLIO: No, I think people agree, through their economic choices, that some of their money goes to build these. Capital building should be voluntary. Only when the politician confiscates their wealth to build government factories, government schools, government hospitals; only then do the people not agree. Money given voluntarily is legitimate to build with. Money coerced from the people is not legitimate to build with, because it isn’t given voluntarily.

REPORTER: You are opposed to all government?

BERGOGLIO: No of course not. But it isn’t the seat of wisdom in any society I’ve seen in my life. The best government was created by the Americans, in which they admitted that people are endowed by their creator and most of the administration of society was left to the relationship between God and man. However, slowly that has been eroded by the atheists on the left who would replace man’s relationship with God with a new relationship with an opportunist like Hugo Chavez.

REPORTER: I just found it fascinating that you were willing to stand up to an entire government in Argentina . You where cast aside. Didn’t you care about your career?

BERGOGLIO: Yes, there are people who cave to worldly authority. Even priests.

REPORTER: But you didn’t?

BERGOGLIO: No, I changed nothing. How did I have the power to change anything in church teaching? My opinion? The democrats, seeking votes, only wanted me to change my opinion and legitimize their decadence. I did not, as evidenced by the fact that I was teaching high school math in small isolated town.

REPORTER: I’m sorry that happened to you.

BERGOGLIO: Why don’t you feel for others oppressed for their interest in freedom.

REPORTER: Freedom isn’t punished anywhere, is it?

BERGOGLIO: Certainly it is.

REPORTER: In Latin America ?

BERGOGLIO: I’m afraid Latin America is lost. The people of the entire area are controlled by a bloc of militant socialist regimes in the region, most prominently Venezuela , Ecuador , Bolivia and Nicaragua . They have a gun pointed at their head. So their heart is now captured. Who will save them at this point?

REPORTER: So the game is over. Checkmate?

BERGOGLIO: Friend, I’ve been studying America this month before the Pope chose to resign. You must not have fear at speaking the truth. It is for the salvation of souls and the recovery of Thomas Jefferson’s people. America must not fall to the new painted communism. Even the low information voters don’t want America to be sold into slavery. I pray they cast out the money changers in their government! What manner of government is there that condones sin? Abomination upon abomination–giving monies for the murder of children, giving monies for the murder of the elderly! You are an American. Your government, My child, has been infiltrated by men of sin.

REPORTER: These are pretty radical ideas.

BERGOGLIO: No. Perhaps reactionary. Radical means something different. But a very long time ago, Khrushchev warned that we cannot expect Americans to fly from capitalism to communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving Americans small injections of socialism until they suddenly awake to find out they have Communism. This is what is happening now in an ancient bastion of freedom. How can America save Latin America when they are slaves to the government themselves?

REPORTER: I’m having a hard time digesting most of this.

BERGOGLIO: The truth can be painful. You look angry; do you want to stop or ask a question? But you have created a new type of state, the so-called welfare state. This has happened in order to respond to the needs of the politically created poor. However, intervening directly is depriving the original society of its responsibility. Families escape responsibility in the welfare state. And churches even escape responsibility. People stop giving to charity and see every poor person as the government’s problem. I am a Catholic priest and there are no poor for me to take care of, they are made permanently poor and the property of the politicians.

REPORTER: I’m not sure this interview is going to work.

BERGOGLIO: You asked and now you will listen, my son. The social assistance state leads to a loss of human energies and an inordinate increase of public agencies, which are dominated more by bureaucratic thinking than by real concern for helping people. Needs are best understood and satisfied by people who are closest to them who act as neighbors and parish members to those in need. It should be added that certain kinds of demands often call for a response which is not simply material but which is capable of perceiving the deeper human need. This is not to mention the welfare states excesses and abuses.

REPORTER: I think we are done.

BERGOGLIO: Wait. If I speak on the ordination of women, on celibacy, on divorce, will you air this interview and my message?

REPORTER: No, we are done.

BERGOGLIO: Partially what irritates me to the core is the media’s inability to look at anything without looking into the cause of the various problems. People are made poor so they will vote for the very candidates that made them poor.

REPORTER: Have a nice day and thanks for your time.



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The Kiss of Death for Meaningful Use Efforts

Basically doctors have more work to do for less payments. I love this paragraph:

Physician documentation at the point of care is another common missing ingredient, he noted. If physicians document their visit after the patient has left the office, they miss on opportunities to view medication alerts in real time and sell the benefits of using a patient portal. “Meaningful use should not be viewed as a checklist, but as part of providing exceptional care.”

Slowing you down and getting paid less – will this really lead to better health care? The emphasis seems to be on me the patient being accountable for my health and government punishing me if i do not comply. Hence me the patient is truly responsible for my health, my followups and my compliance and the doctor and these “care providers” are the guards that will nag me to be compliant and force me to conform. Plus the government is now telling me what kind of and type of care i should have and what they will pay for. I am not comfortable with this nor do i like where its leading …… socialism and rationed healthcare – bad for me, bad for you and bad for the country – watch what happens in less than 24 months .[backtopost]

The kiss of death to an electronic health records meaningful use effort is boiling down the criteria to a checklist of to-do items for physicians.

That’s the word from Jeff Loughlin, project manager at the Massachusetts eHealth Collaborative and executive director of the Regional Extension Center of New Hampshire.

“Physicians hate lists and once you think of meaningful use as a list, you are doomed to failure,” Loughlin said at the MGMA Conference in San Antonio. The program does provide qualification criteria in list format, he acknowledged, but the way to streamline adoption of meaningful use is to describe the criteria not as discrete tasks, but rather as steps that are part of any practice’s given workflow.

Loughlin then proceeded to assign each Stage 2 meaningful use measure to broad workflow categories, beginning with the pre-visit and ending with post-visit follow-up. In between are such steps as registration, intake, visit, and check-out. At each step, various MU measures–such as capturing patient demographics–can be done at check-in. Only a handful of the measures require hands-on work by physicians, he noted, such as reviewing lab results and creating the problem list.

Loughlin warned of several common industry practices that threaten to undermine the purpose of meaningful use to improve patient care. Some practices are merely taking paper-based processes and applying them to the computer. One practice he visited continues to document on paper and just transfers the minimum necessary data into its EHR to qualify.  That approach won’t work in later stages of MU, which put emphasis on sharing data outside the organization and with patients.

Other practices rely too heavily on “out of the box” software, implementing alerts and decision support tools without modifying them for their own practice, Loughlin contended. That can lead to an abundance of needless alerts, which are not only a nuisance but miss the program’s intent of using clinical decision support tools.

Physician documentation at the point of care is another common missing ingredient, he noted. If physicians document their visit after the patient has left the office, they miss on opportunities to view medication alerts in real time and sell the benefits of using a patient portal. “Meaningful use should not be viewed as a checklist, but as part of providing exceptional care.”

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General health checks did not reduce morbidity or mortality – here come the studies!

Here it comes – the studies stating how all the testes and ideas that we were engrained with are now false. No scientific basis just a push for the political agenda – health care rationing!. READ ANIMAL FARM!!!!!!!!

This is how we save money on healthcare – we stop going to the doctor! And when we get really ill, we are told we can only have such and such tests and procedures and we can only see a nurse or proxy provider. Meaning – we will not be able to detect diseases early and manage them – we will detect them to late and simple die. Death = cost savings. Treatment and prevention = more money!

Horrible – but can it be explained any way?

Once again – where are the doctors shouting about this? Where are the societies screaming at the top of their lungs – WRONG!!!!!!!

The sound of silence is deafening and we the people believe what we here – hence we don’t here you  doctors so it must be TRUE!!!!!

Look at the trend:
Mamograms are not effective
PSA tests are not effective
Annual exams are not effective

The trend is to retrain the population in believing we do not need these hence we artificially reduce healthcare costs. It took years to train us to eat an apple a day, go to the doctor for our yearly exam, the 4 food groups (now morphed into a complex ridiculous food pyramid that no one understands),Reading – Riting – Rithymic and now the institution of marriage between man and women – all gone!

Look at the problems we are having and look at what is going on in the country – all the result of this “Hope and Change”


Again – DOCTORS WHERE ARE YOU ? Perhaps you need a free meal to discuss the possibility of discussing this?

Excerpt from report

General health checks are common elements of health care in some countries. These aim to detect disease and risk factors for disease with the purpose of reducing morbidity and mortality. Most of the commonly used screening tests offered in general health checks have been incompletely studied. Also, screening leads to increased use of diagnostic and therapeutic interventions, which can be harmful as well as beneficial. It is, therefore, important to assess whether general health checks do more good than harm.

We aimed to quantify the benefits and harms of general health checks with an emphasis on patient-relevant outcomes such as morbidity and mortality rather than on surrogate outcomes such as blood pressure and serum cholesterol levels.

We included 16 trials, 14 of which had available outcome data (182,880 participants). Nine trials provided data on total mortality (155,899 participants, 11,940 deaths), median follow-up time nine years, giving a risk ratio of 0.99 (95% confidence interval (CI) 0.95 to 1.03). Eight trials provided data on cardiovascular mortality (152,435 participants, 4567 deaths), risk ratio 1.03 (95% CI 0.91 to 1.17) and eight trials on cancer mortality (139,290 participants, 3663 deaths), risk ratio 1.01 (95% CI 0.92 to 1.12). Subgroup and sensitivity analyses did not alter these findings.

We did not find an effect on clinical events or other measures of morbidity but one trial found an increased occurrence of hypertension and hypercholesterolaemia with screening and one trial found an increased occurence of self-reported chronic disease. One trial found a 20% increase in the total number of new diagnoses per participant over six years compared to the control group. No trials compared the total number of prescriptions, but two out of four trials found an increased number of people using antihypertensive drugs. Two out of four trials found small beneficial effects on self-reported health, but this could be due to reporting bias as the trials were not blinded. We did not find an effect on admission to hospital, disability, worry, additional visits to the physician, or absence from work, but most of these outcomes were poorly studied. We did not find useful results on the number of referrals to specialists, the number of follow-up tests after positive screening results, or the amount of surgery.

General health checks did not reduce morbidity or mortality, neither overall nor for cardiovascular or cancer causes, although the number of new diagnoses was increased. Important harmful outcomes, such as the number of follow-up diagnostic procedures or short term psychological effects, were often not studied or reported and many trials had methodological problems. With the large number of participants and deaths included, the long follow-up periods used, and considering that cardiovascular and cancer mortality were not reduced, general health checks are unlikely to be beneficial.

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Obama admin: EHR fraud won’t be tolerated

Here he goes again – blaming doctors and yelling at all of us. Now even with a EHR that was rammed down your practice or up your practice – depending on how you want to make it feel. Its still not good enough. It has begun – good luck my doctors – you did it – you allowed it – you deserve it!

Fines and fees – fines and fees  – that’s where the job growth is – auditors  – sorry for the pun – but i just have to – if obama wins again – these auditors will be his little gestapo – instead of cruelty of our humanity, it will be inhuman cruelty to our pocket books.


The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services and the Department of Justice have promised to come down hard on providers who misuse electronic health records to financially game the healthcare system.

HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder warned that law enforcement agencies are keeping an eye out for fraud and “will take action where warranted,” in a letter sent Monday to five healthcare provider associations–the American Hospital Association, Association of Academic Health Centers, Association of American Medical Colleges, Federation of American Hospitals and National Association of Public Hospitals and Health Systems.

“We will not tolerate healthcare fraud,” the letter said. “The President initiated in 2009 an unprecedented Cabinet-level effort to combat healthcare fraud and protect the Medicare trust fund, and we take those responsibilities very seriously.”

Sebelius and Holder point to potential cloning of medical records as one of several indications that fraud could be on the rise. Medicare administrative contractor National Government Services earlier this month issued a notice, stating that cloned documents from EHRs mostly likely would result in payment denials.

The letter also mentions some hospitals may be using EHRs to upcode various procedures on patients, no doubt a reference to the Center for Public Integrity report unveiled last week.

“[W]e will continue to escalate our efforts to prevent fraud and pursue it aggressively when it has occurred,” the letter explained.

In a response to Holder and Sebelius, AHA President and CEO Rich Umbdenstock fired back that more accurate documentation–a presumed result of EHR use–is not the same thing as fraud. He adds that the AHA is still waiting on the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services to adopt national evaluation and management guidelines to help clarify increasingly complex payment rules.

“What’s needed is clearer guidance from CMS, not duplicative audits that divert much needed resources from patient care,” Umbdenstock said. “No one questions the need for auditors to identify billing mistakes, but the flood of new auditing programs, such as Recovery Audit Contractors, MACs and others, is drowning hospitals with a deluge of redundant audits, unmanageable medical record requests and inappropriate payment denials.”

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Insurance companies altering the way they pay sodoctors are “pushed” to cut costs

I want someone to answer how cutting costs and making physicians more accountable for patients AFTER they leave their office will cut costs? You mean as of now the doctor is the entire problem concerning this so called medical crisis? Physicians are already suffering form insurance companies not paying them what they are due, holding back payments and not working with physicians. Insurance companies are forever increasing their malpractice premiums to unsustainable levels with pseudo actuaries making all believe they are the victims and losing money. So much so that in NY many places do not have doctors that will deliver babies – its just to much liability and the insurance cost to much.

Hence, will someone advise me how a physician goes to medical school for years, spends untold thousands of dollars perfecting their craft, untold hours in a hospital practicing and learning ONLY to be told that they cannot charge a proper price for there PRIVATE services. Yes my friends – a doctor is a private business person. Not a government commodity. Imagine the government and insurance companies strong arming lawyers stating they cannot bill for their services and they MUST accept what the government and insurance companies deem their services are “worth” – Imagine the “Lawyer Crisis “we would have! I am not sure about you, but i am tired of blaming the physician for the so called problems. What you are telling us is that the physician is not providing good service, not taking care of me properly and costing the government billions of dollars!

The truth is, telling a doctor that they cannot bill for what they are worth, only will send a message the future doctors that you cannot make a decent living and you will be responsible for the patient from the cradle to the grave NO MATTER WHAT THE PATIENT DOES AFTER HE/SHE LEAVES YOUR OFFICE End result? Poorer quality people becoming doctors leading to poor quality doctors and care. The best and brightest simple will not be doctors – its happening now!

Soon we will be seeing nurses and PA instead of physicians – the flawed government logic that they want to insert as realty only measures what they want to measure – reducing payments and penalizing physicians will only force hospitals and physicians to move patients around the system. Its happening now – hospitals are not allowing patients to reenter so their numbers are not hurt – they are moving them to clinics! Clinics – the place we understand for the poor and government run!

Social engineering does not work – ask China – they are suffering because of the only male baby attitude. If this folly continues, we will not be the center of medical care, we will descend into mediocrity as the rest of the world – we only need to look over teh fence for things to come.


Private insurance companies should be leading the way in the struggle to control health care costs. They know about every contact a patient has with the health care system and can see how much is wasteful or redundant. By altering the way they pay doctors and hospitals, they can potentially push providers to reduce costs, improve quality and even t

For the last three years, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Massachusetts, a private nonprofit insurer that is the largest in the state, has been using an innovative approach that takes on traditional fee-for-service health care, which has long been the most costly way of paying for care and the least subject to budget curbs. Under a new kind of contract, the insurer puts many of the state’s largest hospitals and physician groups on fixed budgets and rewards or punishes them financially based on their performance in meeting the budget target.

The results from the first two years of a five-year contracting period are quite encouraging, and this strategy is spreading to other places. More than 225 health care provider organizations around the country have entered into agreements with public or private insurers for some form of budget-based contracts. And Medicare has started demonstration projects like the Blue Cross model with 32 organizations. Under fee-for-service, which still dominates American medicine, insurers pay doctors a separate fee for each office visit, test or procedure they perform, giving doctors incentive to do more rather than less.

Under the Blue Cross approach, groups of doctors and hospitals (the vast majority were previously paid on a fee-for-service basis) have chosen to enter “alternative quality contracts,” which pay them a negotiated total sum to provide all the care their Blue Cross patients will need over the course of a year. The groups range in size from 8,000 members to 165,000, and together cover some 640,000 Blue Cross members. The contracts do not allow the insurer to dictate what specific procedures or tests can be performed; those decisions are left to the doctors who do what they think best with the resources they have.

If the medical groups come in under budget, Blue Cross rewards them with a share of the savings. If they exceed the target, they absorb part of the loss. The goal is to cut the annual growth in spending by half in five years.

The danger in the fixed payment — also known as a “global payment” — is that doctors might be tempted to deny patients care to keep costs below the target. To alleviate that problem, the contract provides substantial bonuses for improving the quality of care by some 64 measures, like the percentage of patients who have high blood pressure under control.

The latest independent evaluation of the Blue Cross program, published online by the journal Health Affairs in July, showed that groups covered by alternative quality contracts spent 1.9 percent less on average on medical care than similar Blue Cross groups without such contracts in the first year and 3.3 percent less in the second year. The savings were achieved primarily by using lower-cost hospitals of high quality and performing laboratory tests and imaging at non-hospital outpatient facilities. Money was also saved by reducing the use of surgical stents for treatment of clogged arteries and of high-priced radiology scans, two areas where experts believe there is a lot of unnecessary treatment of no benefit to the patient.

The savings from the contracts, though modest so far, have not harmed the quality of care. In fact, initial results suggest that chronic care management, preventive care for adults and pediatric care have all improved compared with a control group of providers, almost all of which were paid on a fee-for-service basis by Blue Cross.

One hitch: for the first two years the savings in delivering medical care were offset by start-up costs, including generous bonuses and support for information technology. That will change this year when there will be net savings, which are expected to increase as time goes on. Ultimately, this approach will be judged by whether it distributes those savings to private employers, government programs and families coping with rising health care costs.

The experience with Massachusetts Blue Cross suggests that global payments can help change the culture of medical practice. If this model shaves just a few percentage points off the spending growth rate, total health care expenditures in the nation could drop by tens of billions of dollars a year, saving trillions over the next two decades.

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Citizen sue man for riding a bike without a helmet!

Yes people – what have i been saying.

The morphing of “see something – say something” has already begun to morph into monitoring each other using it against us.”Citizens” are now trying to sue a man because he rode his bike without a helmet. Yes i say “citizens” because we all must obey the government – we are all being watched and if we do anything that is not in conformity – we will be reported and penalized!

Its already happening!

Is this the country we want?

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Mayor Bloomberg Now Bans Types of Foods and How Many Calories We Should Eat In Private Hospitals

As I warned – So it will come to be.

Mayor Bloomberg has been petitioning and has gotten several private hospitals to change their menu.

Yes my fellow Americans, As I stated, the slippery slope of telling how we should look and feel has become a landslide.

The mayor of NY now wants the government to tell us how many calories we can have, what type of food we can eat.

No vending machines for snack foods – to be replaced with broccoli machines (pun but you get the idea)
650 Calories per meal
250 calorie desserts

I discussed what was next PORTION SIZE! They will tell us how we should look, what body type is acceptable, what foods we can eat.
Does this sound familiar? Yes – Social Engineering!