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Obama Care – Just More Trickle Down Charges

Today — Just Announced

Pappa John’s Pizza WILL raise prices on their product to pay for Obama care and possibly reduce their workforce. I am sure almost every other retail business is thinking to do the same.

Who did you think was going to pay for this? Did you think  businesses, straddled with this extra tax, was just going to sing “Kumbaya”, and not raise prices and reduce staff? Remember technology allows us, businesses, to run pretty damn good with less staff. Do you really think the economy is going to get better tomorrow? Its at least 3-4 years before any meaningful recovery takes effect – unless obama gets re-elected then all bets are off, hence companies will continue to make due with less employees to maintain some profit and to now pay all these extra taxes imposed for hiring employees.

Companies are defined as the mom-pop operations that are the heartbeat of America – not GM etc… look it up and you will see that small business make up over 70% of the workforce – the ones that are taxed into oblivion, penalized for making a profit, forced to pay for mediocrity & and now straddled with a tax for people that basically cant afford anything – and did i mention we did not do it alone?


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Bayridge Muni Meters – The Grafitti Poles of Brooklyn

I am not a munimeter fan. They require us, the drivers, to walk to the end of the block in all type of weather then back to our cars to place  apiece of paper on our dash. Is this a major problem compared to the benefits of a munimeter? Munimeters do increase parking spaces, are easier to maintain, allow us to pay with a credit card and remove all those unsightly meters – so why am I complaining?
bayridge minu meters - totem poles of graffiti
The reason is simple. The reduced maintenance has not translated into reduced fees. On the other hand the fees continue to rise for parking where in Bayridge Brooklyn, we are now paying .25cent for 15 minutes. Lets not forget the premise of this article – the munimeter has become a target for graffiti.

Bayridge muni meters - totem poles of graffiti
Bayridge muni meters – totem poles of graffiti

These totem poles of graffiti now poison the neighborhood, attract additional thugs &  vandals, cheapens the businesses they are placed in front of & lowers property values. Calling 311 gets you a noncommittal response. What are businesses to do? Yes we can attempt to remove the filth at our own expense and time Are we now in charge of their maintenance? Do we receive a discount for such maintenance?

Whilst munimeters are an excellent idea, we, The People, do not reap the benefits of the reduced maintenance and management, pay more for this “privilege” to park and now have to maintain them to keep our neighborhood vandal free. As business owners we work 24x7x365 to make our businesses successful, pay our employees, our taxes and hope to have a few dollars left to buy food for ourselves. Customers are attracted to a clean looking, upscale businesses to spend their hard earned money – and when i state customers, i mean the ones that actually spend money and we are happy to service – Now in this repressed economy we are again straddled with our governments attempts to “make our lives better” – note to government, leave us alone – thank you!

a doctrine opposing governmental interference in economic affairs beyond the minimum necessary for the maintenance of peace and property rights
a philosophy or practice characterized by a usually deliberate abstention from direction or interference especially with individual freedom of choice and action


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ALERT! – New tax on the weight of your car

Yes – you heard it – you will be charged more if your car weights more – what weight is less? no one knows – but don’t worry it will be like obama’s definition of the “rich” $500,000 – $400,000 – $200,000 – $150,000 ………………

Apparently they want us to buy light weight smart cars – you know, the ones that have no infrastructure, cost more, go 50 miles an hour for 50 miles then 20 hours to recharge, raise the price of food and INCREASES our dependence on electricity which is derived from what? coal? nuclear?, oil?

Lets not forget the billions and billions of our tax dollars that obama dumped into these alternative fuel companies only to see each and every one fail and the money gone – that’s right gone, and the owners of these companies were forgiven their loans.

Imagine your bank “forgiving” you your mortgage because your business failed?

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You did not become successful alone – Obama Helped!

For the first time Obama is correct – we did not become successful in our business alone – we had help

We were helped by:
Our family, friends and relatives that put up with our 24x7x365 work ethic to pay our mortgage

Our children, that at times did not know they had a father and mother because we were always at work

Our competition, that surrounds us, encircles us like sharks waiting for us to fail

Our doctors, who helped us with our ulcers, high blood pressure and sleeplessness all because of our business

Our employees, those mediocre children we hire, pay for and get sued by

Lets not forget our city and state governments, those bastions of spending our money, who sit all day long thinking up new ways to tax us or penalizing us for hidden rules they never told us about or increasing our payroll taxes, our income taxes, our sales tax, our front sign tax, our business license tax, our air conditioner tax, our boiler tax, our sidewalk cleaning tax, our parking meter tax…………………………………………………….. or the unemployment tax because a record number of people are on unemployment and the city has to pay interest on the loans to pay for it – yet the federal government continue to increase how long people are on unemployment

And lets not forget the MTA – you know them – they are your business partners demanding a “vig” from your business every 3 months because they cant control their spending.  Yes, the MTA – the ones that raised prices 50% previously and will continue to raise them

So yes Obama you are correct – we did not do it alone – we had a lot of help