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Obama care savings already spent by the city!

Here it is!!!!!!
Governor of NY just announced he will spend $10 billion (translated $20 billion) of the supposed Obama care savings on medicare for infrastructure and to pay DOWN DEBT on hospitals – !

Its started already! they are spending the savings we did not even see yet!

I told you – ANY medicaid savings that was supposed to be part of obama care are already spent!

So we were TAXED again, massively, incredibly, to do the same thing, with the same people and waste more money.

30 million people forced to pay an exorbitant tax on healthcare for our “better good” yet the cost of the tax is not capped and will rise – its here, its now – a government just increased out taxes and already spent the idea of the savings.

Its too late – the cat is out of the bag! All that extra money has our politicians salivating – now watch – Obama care is great! we need it! you have to have it! That will be the mantra because they already got the supposed savings spent – IT WILL NEVER BE REPEALED.

We have allowed this, in truth, we deserve this – those of you who wanted “hope and change” you got it!

Now we all better pray for a “change” I hope!

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Obama care now knows whats best for our babies!

Hospitals have to keep track of every bottle and keep it in locked boxed like medications!
For every bottle a mother receives, she will be given a “talking to” on how to care for their children!

The key to making people do things is to make it less accessible
Can you say “animal farm” !!!!!!

They now started in the cradle!

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Obama changes the law again – in is favor

Obama loves to change laws to fit his needs

It seems years ago he signed into law that companies MUST give 60 day notice to employes of suspected layoffs

Well – TODAY he told the labor department to “advise” companies not to do this!
Advise companies to break the law? Yes sir – our president AGAIN broke the law!
Why? does not want to raise unemployment numbers before the election! So when he wins again, wait till you see the numbers.

1st was the illegal aliens
now its the labor department

And he gets away with it!
Sadly he will be reelected

If this was any of us – we would be arrested!