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Attorney General’s radio ad advising to submit complaints against doctors

In the never ending battle against physicians, i heard on the radio today the Attorney Generals office ad advising us to report doctors if they are suspected of giving improper drugs – this is in accord with the new ISTOP program which basically makes a doctors life needlessly more complicated. It seems a few angry mothers believed it was the doctors fault that their children died of a drug over dose – god forbid if they took responsibility themselves that their children might have been addicts and they, the parents, missed the signs and did nothing. Horrible to say and more difficult for us to process this – its much easier for a few angry parents to take up a cause and change everyone else’s lives – our politicians don’t want to lose votes do they.

There are some doctors that sell drugs as there are politicians that steal our money and? Why don’t we have a society against political corruption?

This never ending battle against doctors leads all of us to think that they are all evil and deserve to be punished. Yet they say nothing.