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Aron Alexis Tragedy – preventable?

The senseless killing of so many people always makes us wonder if we could have prevented this or WHY did this happen. What we forget as a people is that “bad things happen for no reason” – that’s life. Not everything has a reason or someone to blame. Not everything can be prevented.

What I am afraid of is the level of fear we are displaying. We already medicate our children if they are too active, we want background checks if anyone shows any signs of any emotion, we fear anyone that shows signs of any outward display of emotion etc…

Could we really have prevented this shooting? Its not possible to put all the pieces together all the time. He showed NO signs of such behavior.

Watch the movie “Minority Report” Thought crimes – we MAY commit a crime so we have to be imprisoned. Far fetched? Hmmmmm – lets see what happens……..