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Another set back for “African Americans”

Today a judge rules stop and frisk unconstitutional – Al Sharpton and others are probably in their glory. However, the real losers are the people in the neighborhoods that stop and frisk has been scaled back and or stopped. The real losers are the African Americans and their children. The only winners are the thugs and the Al Sharptons.

No one noticed that as soon as stop and frisk has been attacked, the number of shootings and crimns has risen. It seems we now always hear about a killing, shooting etc… in the neighborhoods. The majorioty being blacks. Lets be realistic, the media NEVER says a black man shoots several peopleĀ  – no what we hear is an “individual” shoots…..

The media seems to “forget” the race of the people performing the crimes. Are we as a society that blind to the stupidity and dangerous message we are giving out?

Whats wrong with addressing the problem head on – blacks commit the majority of crimes – why? Who are they? What is the cause of it? How do we target it and develope a method to combat it as a society together. NOT black vs white, not black vs black but a society attempting to fix a situation. NO problem can be solved if its not identified and hidden behind a vale of political correctness – it only hurts the police in doing their job, it hurts the people that we need to protect and it perpetuates a cultural of “its not us, its racial”.

Once you use the word “racism” all meaningful discussions stop. Are we to ignore race and make believe its not a factor in anything thats done? Are we to allow our police force to not profile and attack the people causing crime?
I live in Bayridge Brooklyn, am i not racially profiled as a white person with money hence the city attacks us with fines and meter maids? Is the same distribution of meter maids in Brownsville, bronx etc..? The answer is no – hence profiling only is a crime if its politically incorrect – NOT if its an income for the city.

The numbers show the problem, as our mayor said:
Blacks are hte most likely to fail in business
Blacks are the most likely to commit a crime – etc…
Why? Blacks need to get over their blacksim and open their eyes – they need to take charge of themselves and stop acting like victims. The Chinese in 1 generation have surpassed the blacks who had over 150 years.

Bill Cosby said it right – step up and be a man. This will never be solved it we continue to ignore the true problem.