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Affordable housing without responsibility

The discussion of affordable housing and the responsibility of the people accepting this charity.

By the good grace and charity of us, the tax payers, we are willing to spend our tax dollars to help the ones not as fortunate as us. I think we can all agree that this is both good for us, the people and America as a whole. However, such charity and handouts must come with responsibility and accountability.

I own a home. I maintain my home. I make sure its clean, the front side walk and street are cleaned, the house is in good repair (to the best of my budget and ability), teh grass is cut, the garbage is neat, the inside is cleaned, the sheets are cleaned, the windows are washed etc………… I think you get my meaning where this house is MINE, I own it, I want it clean and neat. I wake up at 5am to accomplish this at times, then off to work, then return home and finish what was not done. I am responsible – I am accountable.

If I am looking to purchase a new home or rent an apartment, I choose neighborhoods that I can afford. I don’t demand and expect anyone to give me money to live in places i cannot afford.

So the affordable housing division (HUD) has to answer some very serious questions BEFORE they spend my  hard earned money.

1. Why are we building affordable housing in expensive neighborhoods thereby lowering property values? Should we to be building them in neighborhoods that need help and have the affordable housing be the model of the NEW neighborhood – this will solve 2 problems 1) affordable housing 2) better neighborhoods that need the help

2. This charity we provide MUST come with responsibility. Don’t just “give it and forget it” Each person accepting the affordable housing MUST have a list of responsibilities that they MUST accomplish to continue to get the “affordable housing”

3. They must provide several hours of community service per month. This will offset the “handout” they are receiving for their affordable housing

4. They must actively look for a job. If they cannot find one, they need to “work” off the cost of the rent by performing community service

5. They must understand that they “own” this and its theirs and they have to pay for it

6. No drugs/no liquor/no smoking – if you are also on food stamps then we want receipts to verify our charity money is used for actual food

7.The majority that can, have 2 years to get on their feet (this number can be modified as economic conditions change) then they MUST move – charity is not free forever

There must be quick consequences for non compliance – 3 strikes and you are evicted

FREE is a 4 letter word – as i always say – Once FREE is given its not respected BUT expected

Make them accountable – the days of FREE are over!