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Affordable health care – will someone please define affordable to me?

All we hear is how the “Affordable” health care act is affordable. Next year over 30 million people will be forced to pay for a product to private companies that they don’t want and need.
What is affordable? $500 a month, $600? How much will it cost? Will the costs be controlled or will it increase as our health insurance does now?

No one knows the answers to these questions – or they do know BUT are not telling us. As Nancy Pilosi states “we have to pass the bill to find out whats in it” sorry Nancy that’s not America – that’s China.

So next year 30 million people will be payng an average of $500 per person per month. Lets do some simple math:

30,000,000 x $500 = $1.5000000000 per month or $18 TRILLION A YEAR!
Remember the cigarette ads where Phillip Morris was chastised for making $something like $1000 a minute every minute of every hour of every day?

Think what the government and private insurance companies will do with all our extra money we are forced to give them!!!! SPEND MORE and CONTINUE TO RAISE US!!

Has anyone considered these numbers? Are we all crazy for even thinking this is good? Oh yes, the poor and illegal aliens will get free medical care – well FREE meaning WE THE PEOPLE of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA will be paying for them