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A solution to the fake “health care crisis”

Up late last nite contemplating my existence in the world and its far reaching effects on mankind, i was greeted by a commercial that attracted my attention. It seems lately a large push in lawyer commercials advocating suing doctors for every procedure known to modern man. “if you ever had a headache and took an aspiring – – call today for compensation”. Well, what caught my attention amongst the sea of such gibberish, was 1 add advertising injuries from DaVinci robotic surgery’s. The DaVinci is a robot, that’s guided by doctors in performing specific surgeries. It supposed has higher precision and is more sterile to advocate some of the many benefits of the technological wonder. Having used one of these in a test setting at several medical shows, I can see the benefits of such a system for the military for tella-presence surgeries and understand the claims of how it can improve patient outcomes in specific surgeries. The system is relatively new, expensive an donly a select number of hospitals have it as of today and few surgeons are trained on its use – today. I see this field growing as its benefits and perhaps negatives are quantified as more patients go through the procedures.

Now back to this commercial – the Da-Vinci is NEW – yet, there was a commercial advocating people that if they had complications from surgery related to the Da-Vinci, they can call and get compensated. Anyone telling me i can be paid money for complaining will definitely get me to complain – Greed at its highest level! There are limited to no statistics on the machine – hence how can they advocate suing for its use?

Because they know hospitals and insurance companies will simply pay than fight. The true crisis are the lawsuits and massive ridiculous payouts given. Insurance companies are making too much money, lawyers are making too much money – all at the expense of US! the patients and the country as a whole. There is no crisis.

I suggest a social experiment – lets forgo any insurance for doctors – all doctors are capped at $50,000 limits. Lets limit attorney compensation packages to 5% of the winnings. Lets outlaw any commercials advocating suing any medical establishment or person. Lets perform this for 12 months ad run the numbers. You will see a dramatic decrease in the cots of doing medicine.

Of course we cant do this – because insruance companies and lawyers have too much political power – sheldon silver anyone?

What we need are more of these 12/24 month social experiments and watch the numbers yo will be suprised how many people will scream because their endless supply of MY/OUR money dried up.

I would not want to manufacturer any medical device or drug in this country¬† – why shoyuld i be sued? The downside of all this? Higher costs of medications (thast why we made purchasing drugs from other countries such as Canada illegal – because they are the same drug from the same manufacturer BUT not imposed with the same overhead of the US), stiffing innovation and a decrease in the so called “quality of care”

There is no health care crisis – its a government made problem with a great buzz word “crisis”
so they can tax us into submission – someone prove me wrong
When this folly ends