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A Doctor Commenst on The Real Effects on Obama Care

[preamble]When non physicians decide on medical care you have a recipe for disaster. Now that we know what Obama care costs and what it offers on the exchanges – its a disaster that’s already happening – Massive deductibles from $2000 upwards of $10,000. This I snot insurance this is extortion to pay for something we do not need. There is no coverage – it really MAJOR Medical – NOT for normal checkups – you are penalized for that with high copays $75 or more and massive deductibles. We are paying for nothing.[backtopost]
I suppose this is the issue with health care. Patient’s don’t have insurance and cannot follow up to confirm viability of pregnancy. What is one suppose to do in that case? If you don’t follow up and you have a complication, then your malpractice is on the line. On the other hand, if you send those patient to the ER who has no insurance, the hospital loses money.

Patient’s can’t afford for simple blood draw or better yet, some patient’s are UNWILLING to pay for blood draw and rather soak up the health care money. Unfortunately, the ER cannot turn away patient.

Therefore, I don’t think this is a GYN department issue. Tell those liberals to further support Obamacare so the situation can get worst.