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31 Million Americans in a cost saving ACO – so why are we still in a “crisis”?

It’s estimated that some 31 million Americans now receive healthcare through an accountable care organization, according to a recent report from Oliver Wyman, with 8 million to 14 million of them being part of private ACOs launched by national and regional insurers for non-Medicare populations.

If this is the case and ACO’s save money – than why are premiums still going up? Why are we still in a “crisis”? The answer is simple – the quality of care will; be reduced to save costs. Redundant testing etc.. are a small drop in the bucket – however the question still stands – if 31 million Americans are SAVING health care costs even at a $1 each, than that’s $33 million dollars less of a “crisis” we are in. Hence why are not “we – the people” seeing any reduction in taxes or rates?