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217 NY schools are failing and face shutdown – all while the teachers uniosn donates million dollars for their political campaign

Yes my friends – the wonderful Teachers Union is donating a million dollars to their political party all while 217 schools face closure. Since i was young all i have heard was how the school never get enough money – we don’t care about the children. Yet whilst the unions rant and rave, the schools in which they proclaim to control are failing. We never hear about how well our students are doing do we? we rarely hear how schools are doing well and US kids are smarter then anyone else – do we? NOPE – i cant remember – can you?

Hence more money will be wasted, more crying from teh union about how they care for their kids and we don’t – and more money will be used for their own political gain – who suffers? EVERYONE!

Run it like a business – toss out the bad – only accept the good – and how dare anyone tell us that our teachers need more training – hey! you hired them hence then its you that has not vetted the best out!