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The true reason Marijuana aka “pot” is being legalized

Voters in Colorado approved a measure to tax marijuana, a year after voting to legalize it.
Estimated $70 Million dollars a year in taxes!

So lets legalize all drugs and prostitution and tax it! To hell with society, religion and morality – tax everything!

Presented under the guise of building schools for kids hmmm how can anyone be against that? If you believe pot is a drug and rally against  this, by default you are against building schools.

Political move to not allow debate but to push a political agenda – sounds like Obama care? Any means to justify the ends.

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You can keep your insurance plan – NOT

If this “law” was presented to the American people under false pretenses i.e. we were given false information about the law to make it pass, than is the law legal?

We were clearly lied to many times – and were even told “don’t believe the nay Sayers that you will lose your plan”

“Item not as described”
“Bait and switch”



Like ebay ” Item nmot as described”

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Dolphin Football Players a bunch of panzies and other ramblings

The Miami Dolphin that complained of “bullying” “looks” weak in mind. Have we become so sensitive? Have we lost our compass in life? I feel we are heading towards a society were we will be afraid to speak to look at anyone for fear of reprisal and offending. A Society where we walk along and never learn the agony of defeat or the joy of victory. Our Enthusiasm and drive sapped by society’s inability to understand that there are winders and losers, not everyone is equal and not everyone deserves what you have. Our schools and politicians are making us all weak socially and emotionally and by taking GOD out of our lives, we have no where to turn for salvation. A study done showing the rise in mental health issues in young people – a topic for another post.

Interesting that we “hear” a lot about teen suicides – is it on the rise? Is not FACEBOOK and TWITTER to blame for these? Since they have been linked to depression? Since Suicides are, so we hear, because they were FACEBOOKED and TWITTERED? Since the Miami Dolphin saw a TWITTER post berating him?

If I am liable for calling someone’s cell phone when I know they are driving and my parents are liable for what I do on the internet, THAN why are not the companies that make these products also liable OR at least have warning labels?

Yes, warning labels all over FACEBOOK and TWITTER – “Use of these services has been known to cause depression and should be carefully monitored and controlled…”

We do it for cigarettes and alcohol, ladders, extension cords and anything else we buy – you know what I am speaking of – the LARGE warning labels on EVERYTHING we purchase………..

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Directive 10-289

Sound Familiar – its the failed European nation and soon to be ours in one form or another

Directive 10-289 said that all workers and wage earners shall be attached to their jobs under penalty of jail and reporting to the Unification Board.  It also said that all businesses shall remain in operation. All Patents and copyrights shall be turned over to the government.  All income shall be frozen.   There were other parts of the directive also.  As readers of Atlas Shrugged remember this plan instead of helping the economy instead accelerated the collapse of the economy and government.  There are certainly some parallels to our current state.