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Deblasio – Socialist

Free Pre-K tax the rich
End Charter Schools – panhandle to the failed teachers union
Now  Рtests are not a good measure for getting kids into schools because the rich are favored

Not everyone is equally smart – no one deserves anything

Europe has failed on these same lines – who is voting for these people?


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Black Women with child in car shot dead in Washington – where is Al Sharpton?

An unarmed women was chased by police after ramming barriers and engaging in a car chase – she had no weapons and a child in the car – so why was she shot dead?
You mean all those police in cars could not stop this unarmed women without killing her?
Makes you think………… who gave the shoot to kill order?

Where is Al Shapton? A black women was killed by police!
Makes you think………

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Un-affordable health care – Now we have the numbers

We were promised!
We were taxed!
We were told its affordable!
We waited for it to start!
We were told it was wonderful!

Well – Obama care exchanges have been activated and now we know the truth. Its unaffordable! Its not designed for health care on a daily basis, its not designed for you to visit your doctor regularly, its not lower cost.

I have signed up for the exchange and did some research into the plans available – first I have ot say that picking on the web site and its problems is distracting from the actual issue – any technology that will be accessed by millions is bound to have glitches in the beginning – from a technological standpoint – it will get better over time.

The REAL problem is the costs.
I compared Silver and bronze plans from $308 to $384 per month. What is most shocking BUT expected is the MASSIVE deductibles.
$10 – $12 THOUSAND for drugs and $2000 – $6000 deductibles PLUS a 20% copay on the premium – meaning ANY copay is 20% of your monthly cost. so at $360 per month that’s $72 each time you visit the doctor!

My current insurance is $475 a month with a $15 copay and a $500 deductible

Lets do the math:
Obama care: $308 x 12 = $3696 Per year
Obama care deductible: $4000
Obama care med deductible $6000
Obama care copay $61.60
Total Yearly expense without doctors visits – $3696+$4000+$6000 = $13696

My current insurance: $475 x 12 = $5700.00
Deductible: $500
Copay – $15
Total cost: $6200.00

Am I missing something here? Obama care is NOT designed for your health and regular doctors visits – YOU PAY FOR THAT up to a MAX DEDUCTABLE of $6000!!!!!!!!
So you are paying for insurance you cant use.

Oh yes the government will help you pay for the premium – BUT who is paying the government to pay for your premium? WE ARE!
We are paying ourselves to help ourselves!
Obama care was designed for hospitalization and MAJOE crisis – not health care in general – this is not what was sold to us.
So in the end, we are forced with an EXPENSIVE unaffordable tax not health insurance.

When this folly ends……….