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Blacks Slow to Opt for HPV Vaccination – racial profiling?

[preamble]In a continuation of racial profiling, if you read this article, it is VERY specific about blacks and their deficiencies. Hence is this not racial profiling? Why is it OK for this type of profiling and not for the police when the statistics state the same deficiencies?

I again postulate that “meaningful use” questions and their usage is discriminatory and racial profiling hence unconstitutional[backtopost]
Published: Aug 28, 2013 | Updated: Aug 29, 2013

By Charles Bankhead, Staff Writer, MedPage Today

Reviewed by F. Perry Wilson, MD, MSCE; Instructor of Medicine, Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania and Dorothy Caputo, MA, BSN, RN, Nurse

Uptake of human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine has lagged considerably in African Americans as compared with other racial/ethnic groups for reasons that remain unclear, a review of a national database showed.

Young African-American women were about half as likely to report HPV vaccination as compared with whites. Hispanic women also had lower vaccination rates, but the difference did not reach statistical significance.

Adjustment for differences in access to healthcare further attenuated differences between whites and Hispanics, whereas vaccination rates in African-American women remained about 50% below the rate of white women, as reported online in the Journal of Adolescent Health.

“This disparity persisted among both younger (15 to 18) and older (19 to 24) African Americans,” Sonya Borrero, MD, of the University of Pittsburgh, and co-authors said of their findings. “Disparities in HPV vaccination for Hispanics, on the other hand, were fully attenuated after adjusting for sociodemographic and healthcare access variables.”

“Research is needed to further elucidate the reasons for undervaccination among African-American adolescents and young women and identify ways in which providers and healthcare systems may improve HPV vaccine uptake for this vulnerable population,” they added.

Evidence supporting the safety and efficacy of HPV vaccination has so far proven insufficient to persuade a majority of female adolescents and young women to initiate the vaccine series. An estimated 53% of girls 13 to 17 and 21% of women 19 to 26 have reported initiating HPV vaccination, and vaccinations rates have slowed after a period of increasing uptake.

Cervical cancer occurs more often and causes more deaths in Hispanic and African-American women than in white women. The disparity emphasizes the importance of understanding barriers to HPV vaccination in these populations, the authors noted in their introduction.

Previous attempts to quantify vaccine uptake by race/ethnicity have yielded inconsistent results. However, the results have been based primarily on data collected prior to 2008, the authors continued.

To provide more current estimates of vaccine uptake, Borrero and colleagues searched the National Survey of Family Growth for females 15 to 24 who participated in the 2006 to 2010 surveys. Beginning with the 2008 survey, a question about access to a healthcare provider was added, affording an opportunity to examine the impact of access on outcomes of interest.

The study sample comprised 2,168 adolescent females and young women who participated in the surveys from the study period. Whites accounted for 63.6% of the sample, U.S.-born Hispanics for 13.8%, foreign-born Hispanics for 5.3%, and African Americans for 17.2%.

The four racial/ethnic groups differed substantially with respect to sociodemographic characteristics: Hispanics were more likely to be uninsured than whites were. African-American participants were more likely than whites to have public insurance. Hispanics and African Americans were less likely to have a usual source of healthcare.

Overall, 28.4% of participants had received at least one dose of HPV vaccine, including 33.1% of whites, 24.2% of U.S.-born Hispanics, 18.2% of African Americans, and 16.2% of foreign-born Hispanics. All three minority groups had significantly lower vaccination rates as compared with whites: U.S.-born Hispanics, OR 0.35, 95% CI 0.44-0.95; foreign-born Hispanics, OR 0.39, 95% CI 0.23-0.68; and African Americans, OR 0.45, 95% CI 0.33-0.62.

After adjustment for sociodemographic variables, the odds of HPV vaccine initiation for both groups of Hispanics increased and were no longer significantly different from those of whites (U.S.-born, OR 0.76, 95% CI 0.50-1.16; foreign born, OR 0.67, 95% CI 0.37-1.19). In contrast, the odds ratio for African Americans remained significantly different from that of whites (OR 0.47, 95% CI 0.33-0.66).

Further adjustment for access to a usual healthcare provider increased the odds for Hispanics to 0.84-0.85, but did not change the disparity between African Americans and whites (OR 0.49, 0.36-0.68).

Analysis by age groups showed similar results for the younger (15 to 18) and older (19 to 24) survey participants.

The finding that disparities in vaccination rates exist does not come as a surprise, as disparities between whites and other racial/ethnic groups have been demonstrated for nearly all aspects of healthcare, said Leslie Randall, MD, of the University of California Irvine. Given the inconsistency of previous studies of vaccine uptake, the study “sheds light on the fact that these differences probably do, in fact, exist.”

“It is important for practicing physicians to have an awareness of these differences so they can focus extra effort on targeting specific people who might not be taking advantage of the HPV vaccine, which is a safe and effective way of preventing a life-threatening illness,” Randall, who is a spokesperson for the Society of Gynecologic Oncology, told MedPage Today via email.

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Doctors under attack again – aiding and abetting prescription drug abuse

That’s right – yesterday 4 commercials played on the radio on how the new ISTOP program will stop doctors from aiding prescription drug abusers. Doctors have been known to abuse prescription drugs and give them to people forcing them to be addicts….. This was the intent of the commercials.

It seems some “mother” lost a child to drug addiction and blamed doctors – now she has a cause and god forbid a politician refuses a mother cause. Hence we have these insane laws and regulations that do nothing but increase burdens on society and cost us money.

Your tragic loss is not always someones fault and may not have been preventable. Take responsibility for yourself. Your child may have been an addict – why did you not seek them help?
Its akin to all the stop signs in the neighborhood – 1 accident and the community screams!! now we have a stop sign on every block causing traffic and guess what? Same number of accident – but some parent feels good somewhere!

Oh – and the sound of silence from doctors.

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Deter and Degrade – the state of our country

Deter and degrade – this seems to be in effect in our country. First our NY police force is deterred from doing their job and their effectiveness degraded by having them hand held over the guise of racism.

The NY police department is noe chided for stating some mosques are terrorist organizations and that anyone going in and out is or cna be a target for terrorism – hmm – lets understand this – all 9/11 terrorists were involved in a mosque, mosques are KNOWN terrorists organizations, the Islamic religion is not one of peace  – when they are allowed to exercise their religious freedom – others are destroyed. This is historical fact. The muslim brotherhood is in the process of infiltrating our country using mosques – this is another fact.

So lets hobble our police department and have them just give more tickets to increase the city’s income instead of upholding the peace – their primary function.

Our ineffective president is doing a “clinton” shooting a few cruise missiles over there to show he is a tough guy. Bravo mr president – you feel big and strong today?

lets see:
highest taxes ever
most people on unemployment ever
most people on government aid ever
shall we go on?

Weak presidents shoot missiles to look strong.

Texting – you will be sued.
Yes another judge has determined that the SENDER of a txt to a driver can be sued if an accident occurs – aiding and abetting? We have gone insane in this country.
When judges make rulings above and beyond the law – than their is no justice.

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Keeping failed hospitals open — Who will pay for them?

LICH ordered to stay open – doctors rallying to keep failing hospitals open – Doctors have proven they are not business people. The closing of LICH has caused NO difference in care anywhere.
Hence it and other hospitals are redundant – so unless the advocates of these failing hospitals wish to take money out of their pocket to pay for them to stay open, they should not be advocating to spend OUR money.

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The president wants to bailout education – just a little bit more

Here it comes – the president yet again is spending our money – he stated yesterday that “any school that does not achieve results for our students  ….”

Interesting – i love to hear from the NY city teachers union where they have FAILED for years – love to put the squeeze to them and get some of our wasted money back.

So what will happen? Our government will control education and the schools – because EVERY PERSON IN AMERICA HAS THE RIGHT TO HIGHER EDUCATION
Just like everyone deserves a house, no child left behind..

All it means is more handouts, more failure and “just a little bit more”………

Is his 4 years up yet?

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Free Lunch In School

We give free breakfast – now they want to give free lunch in our schools – why not dinner and snack also. How about we invite all the families in also. Its ok – i have plenty of money

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Obama Care – Failure from the start

Exchanges not ready

Exchanges not secure

Large Insurance companies not participating

Special congressional dispensation so our politicians are exempt from it

Magically extending implementation for spending caps and businesses

Healthcare is not a right!
I pay for services i want and need – not what i am told i need.

Obama care makes sense to Washington – but not the people

When this folly ends…..

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Just a little bit more…….Again

Once again our presidents mantra “just a little bit more” extends now to our cell phones. You know the bill you get that already has 10 fees on it plus state and local taxes – well our president in his quest to create unsustainable programs want to add $5.00 to your bill every month for 3 years to put high speed internet in all schools.

While it “seems” like a wonderful idea, lets review it. The president wants the tax to extend for 3 years than stop – so he does ot need congresses approval – again he circumnavigates our system to impose fees and levies on the American people. Do we all believe for an instant that after 3 years this fee will go away? let me tell you why. Putting high speed internet in every school costs money to implement and money to maintain for EVER! After the 3 years, who will pay for the ongoing service? If the schools cannot afford it now, what makes us think by giving them a free service for 3 years than taking it away that they can suddenly afford it?

I can just hear the schools screaming that they need assistance aka handouts, bailouts – OUR MONEY – for the good of the children! Tugging the old heart strings as the unions have been doing for years to the tune of billions of wasted dollars, failing schools and dumb students.

Sustainability, growth, lower taxes – all foreign to our current politicians.
How much is “a little more”

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Insurance exchange design could save individuals, government $9 billion

[preamble]Perhaps i am not understanding something – how can we save money IF i am being FORCED to buy a product in don’t want, need or use at this time. If i am understanding this properly, my government is forcing me to purchase a VERY expensive product on a monthly basis to the tune of $5000 – $6000 a year and now i am supposed to believe this will SAVE money? HOW? We are being FORCED and coerced to believe in a crisis and that pumping TRILLIONS of dollars into a broken system will save money. WHEN THIS FOLLY ENDS![backtopost]
By Dan Bowman
8/14/2013 – Fiercehealth

Smart design of health insurance exchanges that will enable Americans to purchase individual coverage under the Affordable Care Act could save consumers and the government more than $9 billion annually, according to a new collaborative study.

The study, “Can Consumers Make Affordable Care Affordable? The Value of Choice Architecture,” examined, via a series of experiments, the ability of consumers to choose the best health insurance plan for their needs with no assistance. Most participants struggled to make the most cost-effective choices for themselves and their families.

“Consumers left to their own devices seem to make large errors when choosing health insurance … and they seem to be unaware of their failure,” the researchers said. “If consumers cannot identify cost-efficient plans, then the exchanges will not produce competitive pressures on health plan costs, one of the main advantages of relying upon choice and markets.”

The researchers–from the University of Pennsylvania Law School, Columbia University, Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the University of Miami–said, however, that tweaks to the designs of the exchanges that use “just-in-time education, smart defaults and cost calculators” could “improve consumers’ performance markedly.”

“This sizable impact is more significant since the improvement is largely a function of psychological factors that can be implemented inexpensively by being built into the choice engines powering the exchanges,” the researchers said.

In a letter to Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Administrator Marilyn Tavenner this week, Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (Ken.) called for a delay in the opening of the exchanges. McConnell cited security concerns with the data hub that will connect state health insurance exchanges with federal agencies.

“Given the compressed time frame between the conclusion of the system testing and the scheduled opening of the exchanges, I am asking you to delay opening the exchanges until the Inspector General can guarantee the safety of the exchanges,” McConnell said. “While I have grave concerns about this law under any circumstance, Americans should not be forced into the exchanges, and certainly not without these assurances.”

Legislation introduced last month by Rep. Pat Meehan (R-Pa.) calls for a one-year delay in the launch of the data hub, citing concerns similar to McConnell’s.