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IRS Scandal: Tip Of The Iceberg

[preamble]Excellent article – government for the government by the government and of the government – see something missing? “the people”……. [backtopost]

This story appears in the June 24, 2013 issue of Forbes.

David Malpass David Malpass, Contributor

The U.S. is shuddering at the disclosures of the Internal Revenue Service’s bias against proponents of limited government and of positions on Israel that differ from the Administration’s. This is the tip of the iceberg. Many parts of government have little accountability and operate from motives that go beyond their legal framework and the public purpose.

Unless there is a continuous new process of restraint the government will expand to undertake all programs it considers useful–with no regard for cost or compliance with the principle of limited federal government. Once established, these programs have strong defenders among those who have prospered from them, making downsizing hard. The battle is almost never about the taxpayer.

This has brought us to a constitutional crisis. The 16th Amendment gave the federal government unlimited new power to borrow against future incomes, even for current spending. To make government work for the people requires a vigilant enforcement of the constitutional limits on federal activities, including the Tenth Amendment’s explicit restraint. This isn’t being enforced. The invention of “mandatory appropriations” and entitlements allows government to grow on autopilot without political accountability or votes. And the Federal Reserve, operating outside the three branches of government, has asserted unlimited power to borrow, purchase assets, hire and make expenditures through its new consumer protection agency.

One of the practical difficulties in restraining government is its instinct for self-preservation, the tendency to accentuate the problems that arise from any limits. The people’s goal is to restrain government in the most efficient way, whereas the government’s tendency is often the opposite, as the sequester showed–cutting critical services, such as fuel for aircraft carriers or the number of air traffic controllers on routes frequented by politicians and their fundraisers.

Government spending restraint is just one of the challenges in our constitutional requirement to achieve limited federal government. My May 6 column described some of the inherent corruption in unfocused government, including the European extremes of government officials with Swiss bank accounts and the conflicts of interest among the U.S. government and the entities that it regulates and subsidizes. An April New York Times article documented 28 former staffers of the Senate Finance Committee chairman who are now employed by companies seeking legislative favors related to prospective tax legislation. The result is a circular process in which the legislature conveys tax benefits to companies that pay the appropriate conduits, who in turn contribute to helpful legislators.

International financial institutions–which occupy the choicest office space in Washington, London, Paris and Geneva–use the U.S. credit umbrella to borrow billions per year, in turn lending the money at low rates to favored governments and pro-government organizations. A portion of the funds finds its way through the network of law firms, lobbyists, nonprofits and consultants to the politicians who fund the loans.

The list is endless: hundreds of independent federal agencies with potential conflicts of interest; the revolving door from senior government positions to highly remunerated posts with for-profits or nonprofits; overly generous consulting contracts for departing government employees; horrifyingly mismanaged federal housing projects; repeated fiascoes in the government’s alternative energy loans, from the Carter Administration to the present.

Many believe that a financial crisis will force spending limits. But those probably won’t come until it’s too late to correct the system. The solution is to rebuild the legal restraints on federal activities using the Tenth Amendment and a rewritten debt limit that forces politicians to make spending choices across both discretionary and entitlement accounts.

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Health IT Regulatory Framework

[preamble]I have been saying this since the inception of the government wanting to control medicine. For any of their proposals to work, there can be only 1 EMR and 1 vendor for it equipment. These new regulations will significantly increase the costs of ehr adoption and maintenance. As government regulations increase manufacturers will increase their prices because its “certified” and pass it along to us and the doctors.

New meaningless certifications designed simply to increase costs. This is only the beginning.[backtopost]

Health IT Regulatory Framework

Health information technology, or health IT, is defined by the federal government’s Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC) as, “hardware, software, integrated technologies or related licenses, intellectual property, upgrades, or packaged solutions sold as services that are designed for or support the use by health care entities or patients for the electronic creation, maintenance, access, or exchange of health information.”

Health IT is the framework that enables the management of health information across multiple electronic systems and devices, such as wireless medical devices, hospital information systems, communications infrastructure, and electronic health record (EHR) systems.  Three federal agencies, the FDA, ONC and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) each have unique responsibilities in the health IT arena.

As health IT evolves, we believe that all stakeholders should understand regulatory requirements surrounding its use.  Under the direction of the Food and Drug Administration Safety Innovation Act (FDASIA) of 2012, the FDA is working with FCC and ONC to propose a strategy and make recommendations on an appropriate, risk-based regulatory framework for health IT that promotes innovation, protects patient safety, and avoids unnecessary and duplicative regulation.

The three agencies are committed to a vision that supports a strong health system based on safe and innovative health IT that improves and advances public health.

The FDA, FCC and ONC plan to compile the strategy and recommendations into a report that is slated for release in 2014.

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Obesity is now a disease – soon hair color and dress will be also

obesity is not a disease – yes doctors will argue this point – but as usual they miss the overall picture. Obesity is a state created disease just like the health care “crisis”. This new disease only gives the state more control over our lives. Portion control, size of our drinks, salt in our foods. Have you ever looked in a grocery store lately? You are hard pressed to find regular milk – everything is low fat, low this, no that, same with soda and everything else. YET our mayor of our great city ALLOWS shake shack to exist – 3000 calories a meal of pure unadulterated fat and cholesterol. I wonder how much money they put into the city’s coffers?

I pay for my health insurance, I expect to be taken care of if i am sick. I paid for a service and want the benefits of that service or give me my money back each year when i dont use it. Doctors are so single single minded and provincial in their thinking, they continue to allow this to go on. “obesity is a problem – “you know what happens to fat people… Diabetes is deadly…. the complications of being diabetic and fat ” bla bla bla – I have an idea – do your job, take care of me and give me recommendations. If you say i am too fat, diabetic or whatever and i CHOOSE not to listen to you – you can choose not to have me as a patient, choose to have me sign a waiver that i am not listening and i cant sue you or you can just do what you do – take care of me. I PAID FOR MY SERVICES – I EXPECT THEM DELIVERED TO ME 100%. If you want me to be healthy to save YOU money – sorry – not going to happen unless you charge me less for my insurance.

If i eat right, exercise, maintain my cholesterol – what do i get? Lower rates? Better service? What do i get? – the answer is nothing – my rates will still increase.

You told me seat belts will save my life – no decrease in my premiums
You told me not to txt and drive its dangerous – no decrease in my premiums
You told me to conserve water – no decrease in my eater bill only increases
You told me to conserve electricity – no decrease in my bill  – you raised rates
You tell me to drive less to save gas – no decrease in gas prices
You tell me to recycle – yet you don’t demand we switch to glass bottles instead of plastic – wonder who is lining your pockets?

no matter what we do, you continue to increase our taxes –

The other day i purchased ice cream – butter pecan – paid $7.99. It tasted like iced water with milk. no butter, maybe 3 pecans in a 1/2 gallon. Basically i overpaid for a horrible product – low and behold upon reading the tiny ingredients, its not made with butter or cream but low fat milk and substitutes. hmmm – i paid for REAL ice cream – it was not prominent on the packaging at all that this was not ice cream at all – hence, the trend continues – our governments “tell” us what to do and yet we are continued to be charged higher and higher prices for fake foods and other items.
I cant wait to see how “affordable” this obama care really will be. And if its not affordable? what than? This entire shift towards more and more control over what we do is not appealing – but terrifying. We are accepting the slow creep of socialism and total control – we dont even realize it. Its time you read Animal Farm – “When this folly ends”

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LICH closes emergency room, its bullying to harass temas when playing ball and my electric bill has a temporary surcharge by the state

Busy morning. Went to get my coffee and overheard a conversation by several people stating how there is no more America. We are replacing the American Flag with an international flag and how the foreigners do not speak our language but receive all the benefits whilst we pay for them.

Paul Dean say the “N” word – NIgger – yes i said it – its a word its derogatory – but the black use it amongst themselves – now it cannot be mentioned. God  forbid (oops sorry) someone might have their feelings hurt. And behold the person that uttered it – racist, devil, scourge of the human race.

Bullying – yes that term used to cover anything we say that MAY hurt someones feelings or disparage them. That term that is now sweeping the nation with lawyers salivating over it to make more money. That term where we now have a crime if we harass another team. You got it! Today NJ, you know the state where there is blind corruption, rampant taxes and crime through the roof, well they deemed it a crime if at a sporting event anyone harassing the other team will be in big trouble. Yes my fellow Americans, in our quest to make everyone feel good, we now have a land of panzies! Soft people that are afraid to look at each other. I cant wait till all sporting events are quiet because we are afraid to say anything. I have an idea, why don’t we end gambling or winning? I mean if a team does not win – they are LOSERS right? Their feelings are hurt – so why not make everyone win!

LICH hospital closed their emergency room – FINALLY. We need to close these redundant hospitals and save money – of course the lawyers and unions making millions would say otherwise.

OH and my electric bill, which magically is going up exponentially per month even though i use less electric, now has a TEMPORARY NY state surcharge of $2.27. Temporary? Surcharge? when did this take place? whats it for? oh yes another hidden tax to pay for ineptitude and poor performance.

We have no incentive to be lean and mean – we want to take care of you from the cradle to the grave – Europe failed on this. We will also – the businessmen will be chastised as the devil – yet we are the ATM machine of the country.

when this folly ends……..


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2012 Diabetes report card

“Average medical expenses are more than twice as high
for a person with diabetes as they are for a person without
diabetes. In 2007, the estimated cost of diabetes in the
United States was $174 billion. That amount included $116
billion in direct medical care costs and $58 billion in indirect
costs (from disability, productivity loss, and premature

Hmmm – all this seems to ONLY effect an employer. Those numbers mean what? Did the employer of the sick individual lose money? If so, than how did this effect everyone else and cause a crisis?

Oh no – here we go again. Another failed program that only costs money and leads to problems: “Medicare’s Everyone with Diabetes Counts Program:”

remember no child left behind or everyone deserves a home?

I still do not get this – i am paying insurance for these services. Who is costing me money? the OLD? they have been paying to medicare for years when they worked. or is it the uninsured poor people? ah yes – i bet we can really look at this group and realize its those without money, the poor that are the causes of so much health care costs?

Something is wrong with this -it does not make sense at all from any perspective. Doctors will always side on these sides because they only believe in helping people without any understanding of business or actual costs.

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New National Obesity Statistics are Troublesome says Children’s Obesity Fund

[preamble]Child obesity is NOT a national emergency despite what we are again being told. This hysteria caused by our politicians is amazing. EVERYTHING that happens is a crisis and we have to “do something”. Childhood obesity is a function of parenting – not government nor should it be controlled, monitored or managed by government. Parenting should be taught NOT how to eat nor should we be attempting to feed every child in a school – schools are for learning not daycare or as a replacement for parenting – state parented children is way to socialistic for anyone.  What needs to be tought is mother/father, parenting, responsibility, family life – all missing from the equation. It seems all those wonderful people that want to pull GOD, family life, holidays and anythign else that makes us human do not see the error of their ways – when you remove this from society, the problems we now face become exemplified and worsened – responsibility and accountability!

Society is also more sedentary – we use smart phones instead of talking, we dont play stick ball, stoopball or football in the streets as we used to. We are in front of computers all day long. Society will eventually naturally balance itself out as these generations steady state into their newer slower lifestyle. All without government interference and a new crisis. The word “crisis” is overused and simply a political tool to increase taxes and spend more money. [backtopost]
Monday, June 17, 2013

Brothers Julian Omidi and Michael Omidi, M.D., through their non-profit The Children’s Obesity Fund, are concerned that while there are minor variances in the rate of obesity state-by-state in the United States, a recent Gallup report confirms that the overall national incidence of obesity is still 26.2 percent.
Beverly Hills, California (PRWEB) April 26, 2013

Overall throughout the United States, obesity rates remained steady in 2012 as compared to 2011, according to a study recently released by the Gallup-Healthways Organization and reported in numerous national news agencies. According to the data, Coloradans are the country’s least obese population while those living in West Virginia have the highest incidence of obesity. In addition to overall obesity rates, the rates of diabetes and high blood pressure were also examined and were essentially unchanged throughout the reporting period.

“Some might take comfort in the news that obesity rates remained the same, but I personally don’t think that just holding steady is good enough when we are already in crisis,” says Michael Omidi, M.D., a co-founder of Children’s Obesity Fund. “My concern is heightened by the major health concerns related to carrying excess weight. Diabetes and hypertension are serious conditions that can be debilitating in the short term and life threatening if allowed to persist.”

Although Delaware has reported a decrease in obesity rates between the years 2011 and 2012, three states, Georgia, New Jersey and North Carolina saw an increase in obesity. For the third year in a row, Colorado is the state with the lowest rate of obesity (the only one less than 20 percent) and West Virginia has the highest obesity rate at 33.5 percent. A full list of obesity rates within the 50 states is available on the website.

The national obesity rate remained steady at 26.2% in 2012, compared with 26.1% in 2011. This data was collected as part of the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, and comes from more than 300,000 telephone surveys of American adults between January 1 and December 31, 2012.

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How Losing Weight Could Help Save The U.S. Billions

[preamble]Once again i am confused. Who will be saving money? All we keep hearing is how diabetes and “we are fat” is epidemic costing us billions of dollars. But who is it costing?
We pay for insurance. We pay for the insurance service to pay for our medical issues. If we use more than we pay for, insurance companies shave the right to increase our premiums and or not have us as a customer. Hence, we are paying for a service that yearly raise us 20% every year if we use the services or not. So again if we are PAYING for this service, who will save this money everyone keeps talking about? Will it be us with premium reductions in relation to how much less we will be using the services? I mean i am paying for them, hence if i am doing something that will make me use LESS of the services i am PAYING for, should i not pay less for the services?

Auto insurance works in a similar fashion, we pay for a service, we pay the increases if we are in an accident or not and when we need the services that we have PAID for, than the insurance company has the right to increase us or drop us. Business 1 o 1. Ju

Now lets juxtapose the realty with the rhetoric. We have a law that we MUST wear seatbelts. Seatbelts saves lives. Seatbelts reduces our chances of being severely injured by 30% as estimates and our government tells us. Hence, to make us 30% safer in our cars, we MUST wear seat belts of receive a fine. Since this law has been enacted, has the cost of medical expenses gone down because we wear seatlbetls? We are told there are less serious injuries which means less hospital stays ergo less medical expenses. So what has happened? Our insurance premiums has gone up! No relationship to being 30% safer and saving money on medical expenses – our premiums still have gone up with no discounts.

Perhaps the insurance companies lobbied our politicians for this law so they don’t have to pay as much out in claims compared to if their customers did not wear seatlbelts. I am sure this is the realty – if not, there is no reason our premiums have not gone down.

So are we to beleive that if we are less fat and eat what the government tells us, that our medical expenses will go down? And if they do, will we see a reciprocal reduction in premiums? If we save 1 billion dollars a year, will we see a reduction in premiums by the same amount (# of customers in sample area divided by the savings) hence if we have 100 customers and by our actions we save $100 per year, will each customer receive a $1 credit on their premiums per year?

I think not. What will happen is we will follow these directions and still see a continued rise in premiums. Historically i am not wrong.

If i am paying for a product, the contract is between myself and the seller – no one else. If i am paying for a product i expect the full value of the product – myself has paid for health insurance for over 30 years and have NEVER used anywhere near the value i have spent. Cant i ask for a refund since i am not using the services? I would have done better putting half the money spent on premiums in a bank account with no interest. think about it 30 years, 360 months average monthly payment of $450 =$162000.

Insurance is the most intangible items ever created. Its there IF you need it. But never returned if you do not. We have become too reliant as a society on such non-tangable items.

One final thought – a recurring thought – obama care now forces me to pay for something i don’t want – hence, is this now unjustly enriching private companies that offer insurance? I sell footballs, if obama said every American needs at least 2 footballs in their home, woudl not myself and all the other football sellers be enriched by our giovernment? Also, woudl not we as football sellers simply rais the prices because “you need it” and we have no controls as to how much it can be sold for?

besides: what is “AFFORDABLE” who decided what affordable is and how much is affordable going to cost me and you? AH yes no one has these answers because there are none![backtopost]
Forbes, 9/19/2012
Julie Wilcox, Contributor

Many Americans feel entitled to eat and overeat knowing that the reality of such behavior is grim not only for them but also the nation at large. According to “Fas in Fat: How Obesity Threatens America’s Future,” by The Trust for America’s Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, if on average, every American loses about 10 pounds, we could minimize the cost of our health care by hundreds of billions of dollars.

An obesity gene very well might be the problem for some, perhaps even many who suffer from being significantly overweight; it is unlikely however, that it is reason millions of Americans cannot find the discipline to lose approximately 10 pounds. Besides the economic gains for all Americans, what does the melt away of 10 pounds mean, exactly, for every individual? It would help to prevent the onset of tremendous health issues that no one would want or choose to have, including heart disease, diabetes, a stroke, high blood pressure, and arthritis. Additionally, it would save many children from similar afflictions. Life is difficult enough without self-inflicted pain; a little effort goes a long way.

Unless Americans can nip the obesity epidemic in the butt, statistics of where the U.S. healthcare budget is headed, show that the future looks abysmal. Last year, The Lancet “estimated that if adult obesity rates continue on their current path, all 50 states could have rates above 44 percent by 2030. Thirty-nine states could have rates above 50 percent, and 13 states could have adult obesity rates over 60 percent. Though it is difficult to figure out much of what The Affordable Care Act has to offer, two programs are clear as expressed in “Most Americans May Be Obese by 2030, Report Warns.” One of Obama’s attempts to address the obesity epidemic is laid out by the Community Transformation Grants, one of the goals of which is to reduce BMI (Body Mass Index) by 5 percent (the 1o pound factor). The second is The Diabetes Prevention Program, which has illustrated that it is indeed possible to prevent the progression of pre-diabetes to diabetes.

In a few easy steps, everyone can begin the journey of weight loss.

~Don’t eat processed foods.

~ Shop for 2-3 days rather than for months at a time. Foods you can freeze and otherwise store are inherently unhealthy, and,  having too much food around you invites you to overheat.

~Understand and address the fact that the number of calories you take in determines whether or not you will gain, lose, or maintain weight. To lose weight, you have to burn more calories than you eat. Become knowledgeable about how many calories you consume and burn each day; read about how many calories you can burn during different kinds of exercise.

~Eat 3 meals and 1 snack a day. Do NOT graze.

~Eliminate all soda (even diet), juice, and artificial sweetener from your diet.

~Eat out less often and avoid any and all fast food.

~Eat off of smaller plates at home; use salad plates for main courses.

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Top Oversight Dem: IRS scandal ‘solved,’ time to ‘move on’

[preamble]”I am sorry for paying my taxes late – it wont happen again – you see, i just did not have the money at the time, as you can see i have always paid my taxes on time for over 20 years – it wont happen again – i promise” Basically what the coverups in Washington want us to do. Forget about it – don’t worry – trust us – its all solved.WHEN THIS FOLLY ENDS[backtopost]

Top Oversight Dem: IRS scandal ‘solved,’ time to ‘move on’
By Meghashyam Mali – 06/09/13 01:06 PM ETThe top Democrat on the House Oversight Committee Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) on Sunday said the scandal over the Internal Revenue Service targeting of Tea Party groups was “solved,” and that he was ready to “move on.”“Based upon everything I’ve seen the case is solved,” said Cummings on CNN’s “State of the Union.” “And if it were me, I would wrap this case up and move on to be frank with you.”

Cummings said that interviews with IRS employees had shown that no one at the White House had a role in pushing for the higher scrutiny on Tea Party groups, citing the testimony of an IRS employee who described himself as a “conservative Republican.”

“I think this interview and these statements go a long way to what’s showing that the White House was not involved in this,” he said.

Cummings expressed confidence that the agency’s new acting commissioner Danny Werfel would implement the recommendations of the Treasury inspector general report to ensure such targeting did not happen again.

“I think we need to make, the IRS by the way, the IG made some recommendations. Those recommendations are being adopted by the IRS. We’ve got a new commissioner in — acting commissioner,” he said.

Cummings’s call though is unlikely to end the congressional scrutiny into the IRS scandal.

Oversight Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) called his statements urging an end to the probe “extreme and reckless.”

“I strongly disagree with Ranking Member Cummings’ assertion that we know everything we need to know about inappropriate targeting of Tea Party groups by the IRS and the case is, in his word, ‘solved,’” said Issa in a statement. “His extreme and reckless assertions are a signal that his true motivation is stopping needed Congressional oversight and he has no genuine interest in working, on a bipartisan basis, to expose the full truth.”

Issa said he was “committed to leading a fact based investigation that fully exposes all relevant facts about IRS efforts to target Americans for their political beliefs.”