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nurse – doctor no one can tell the difference

[preamble]Hope you can tell my animal farm reference – “and they looked from the pigs to the people and the people to the pigs and no one could tell the difference” Obama care at its best – cheap medical work from non professionals – no disrespect to a nurse but lets be realistic they are NOT doctors. You can only blame yourselves  – you will never learn – but you will pat each other on the back for a “job well done” – Obama care is cheap care – affordable means low cost crap….. socialism at its finest at un affordable prices.[backtopost]

Clothing, titles and even the word “Doctor” are no longer clear enough for people to understand which member of the health care team is caring for them. However, her suggestion that ultimate responsibility for the patient is the only distinguishing feature is incorrect. The deeper differences must be recognized as state legislators consider granting independent practice to nurses, as 18 states have done already.  We have to think carefully about the implications of such changes for patients and the American health care system.

Saving money should not be the main factor for decisions that impact patient care and safety. Cutting costs by substituting nurses for physicians would lead the United States to two classes of care — one run by physicians and a second by differently qualified health care professionals. Some of our most needy citizens, such as those with little or no health care coverage, are most likely to lose their physician and be given a nurse. Every American deserves to have a personal physician and a nurse!

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Long Island College Hospital faces threat of closing, SUNY official Carl McCall warns

[preamble]Its time to end this and close the un-needed hospital. Pay close attention to the last lines – “use state money” why is it that its called STATE/FEDERAL money when its used stupidly? Its OUR money – the PEOPLES money. It should not be wasted to keep afloat institutions that don’t make money and to keep in place the same administration and ideas that have failed for so long – when this folly ends.

Social experiment – close the hospital for 4 months – contiinue to pay everyone – watch if anything happens, if people die in the streets, if care is diminished, if people get sicker. We will all be surprised how resilient we, the people, are and that we can close this institution and generate real money for the community and businesses that are sorely needed to keep this DEAD economy afloat.[backtopost]

SUNY Downstate Medical Center facility is money loser

Long Island College Hospital faces possible closing by the state, the Daily News has learned.

State University of New York trustees have discussed shutting down money-losing LICH — and may vote soon on whether to do so, a spokesman for SUNY chairman Carl McCall told The News.

The recommendation to close the 150-year-old Cobble Hill hospital – now part of SUNY Downstate Medical Center – came straight from top Downstate management, said McCall’s spokesman David Doyle.

“The board may vote in the near future on endorsing this course of action as part of a fiscally responsible plan to ensure medical education and quality healthcare continues for the people of Brooklyn,” Doyle said.

East Flatbush-based Downstate is suffering massive money losses partly caused by its 2011 purchase of LICH, a scathing audit by state Controller Thomas DiNapoli’s office revealed last week.

McCall spoke of two other options for battling Downstate’s financial problems besides closing LICH and selling off its real estate, sources said – either using state money to bankroll a financial restructuring of SUNY Downstate, or partnering with other Brooklyn hospitals to provide some services.