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The School Unions and their strangle hold on us

[preamble]We thought the unions were penalized. Did they not scream and yell that they LOST money because of the Mayer? Here we go again – Lies and more lies! They knew about this – they stalled and waited  – and got what they wanted. They made us believe they lost money and the kids suffered all because of the Mayor. When in realty its they who cheated our kids for generations. I want my money back![backtopost]

Albany’s new math

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  • Posted: March 28, 2013

When is a penalty not a penalty?
When the “penalized” get all they were expecting anyway — and then some.
That’s the new math that Albany’s just applied to the New York City public-school system. The system was supposed to forfeit $240 million in state aid as the price for failing to reach an agreement with the teachers union on a program for teacher evaluations.

As it turns out, far from losing money, the schools will get $364 million more in state aid than they did last year.

Only a few weeks ago, Assembly Speaker Shelly Silver was howling about the loss of funds. “No one wants to see our children’s education suffer because teachers and the city could not come to an agreement,” he said, vowing to restore them.

Gov. Cuomo took the opposite view. He said that giving New York the $240 million it had forfeited by missing its deadline would be unfair to school districts that had brokered deals with their unions. So he vowed to hold the money back.

And yet — voila! — here we are, with that $364 million increase.

Now, the governor and others insist that the two numbers are not connected — that the school system would be getting $600 million, instead of just $364 million, if there had been a deal on teacher evaluations.

If so, it’s hard to see the incentive here. The threat of losing $240 million in aid was meant to prod the teachers union to agree to the evaluations — and to risk taking a public-relations hit if its stubbornness ended up depriving schools of funding.

But with the schools actually gaining money rather than losing money, the United Federation of Teachers has again had the best of both worlds. It held off Mayor Bloomberg on evaluations. And it understands the real lesson of Albany’s budget increase: Obstinacy pays.

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The sucking sound of more jobs being lost to foreigners!

[preamble]I heard today that we are going to let immigrant workers into the US to fill jobs for construction etc… – really? You mean our unemployment is that low? Our economy is that good? WOW! will someone please explain this? Oh yea – Americans don’t want to do that work. Really? Why don’t we tell that to the millions of Americans out of work trying to feed their families. Is this a joke? or a un-American political move by our great new obama government?

Americans need jobs and a boost to our dead economy – not allowing more foreigners to dilute the already dead workforce. Whats going on  here – have we actually finally lost our minds? Has Obama that drastically changed us? Do we all simply want ot be like the failed and dying Europeans? My lord! WAKE UP AMERICA! – WE CANT AFFORD TO SMELL, DRINK AND PURCHASE THE COFFEE BY VAUL WANDEZ![BACKTOPOST]

Congress gets a sí

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  • Posted: 2:14 AM, March 28, 2013

WASHINGTON — A push for immigration reform on Capitol Hill has bolstered congressional approval ratings with Hispanic voters — the only group that gives lawmakers a majority approval rating.

Among Hispanics, 56 percent surveyed by the ABC News/Washington Post poll approved of the job Congress is doing.

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Judges and Lawyers Creating an “Entitlement – Not My Fault” Attitude

By setting such precedents, frivolous lawsuits like this have negative effects: Increase prices of goods, create less jobs as retailers (layoffs to pay for such lawsuits) and  does not make us accountable for our actions. Listening to music over and over did not cause harm or damage – very annoying maybe. But than again shold we sue the ice cream truck man? oh wait we did! Not everything has someone to fault, not every circumstance could have been avoided. Businesses start to worry more about how they can defend against being sued than providing good products and services and expanding/hiring. The lawyers must stop going after so called “deep pockets” and insurance companies MUST defend each and every lawsuit and NOT settle – finally judges MUST toss out frivilious lawsuits. [backtopost]

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‘Torture’ after all
A judge awarded a disabled man $8,000 after Disneyland’s “It’s a Small World” ride broke down, forcing him to listen to the theme song over and over for a half-hour, the passenger’s attorney says.
The ride became a torture chamber for wheelchair-bound José Martinez, 50, whom staffers failed to rescue in a timely manner, the judge ruled.