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Government MUST clarify who and what is a doctor

[preamble]Leave it to the government to confuse everybody than make laws so we cant be confused – and we want them controlling healthcare? Of course we are confused – how bout they stay out of our way. We never had these issues before our government started getting involved – are we understanding the recurring theme in this post?[backtopost]

Sponsors of a bill recently introduced in the House of Representatives aim to eliminate consumers’ confusion over who is considered a medical doctor.

Rep. Larry Bucshon, MD, (R-In.) and Rep. David Scott, (D-Ga.) are cosponsors of the bill, called the “Truth in Healthcare Marketing Act of 2013,” (HR 1427), which was introduced on April 9 and referred to the Energy & Commerce committee.

The bill would make it illegal for any healthcare professional to make false or deceptive claims in advertisements and marketing materials regarding their training, degree, license, or clinical expertise. Anyone marketing a health provider’s services also must clearly state the license the provider holds.

The bill charges the Federal Trade Commission with identifying specific acts and practices that make deceptive claims and instances when harm or injury resulted from them. Violations would be treated the same as other unfair or deceptive acts under guidelines already established under the Federal Trade Commission Act.

Fully Informed

Matt Sturm, deputy director of government relations for the American Psychiatric Association (APA), told Medscape Medical News in an email that this bill is necessary to make sure health professionals, including physicians, are fully informing consumers of their credentials.

He noted that amid the myriad credentialed providers in mental health services are many who work in collaboration with psychiatrists and other physicians. Credential acronyms may not be readily understood, and providers may add professional association acronyms as well.

“There is clear data that patients are confused about the level of training for health professionals. We simply think proper display of credentials in marketing and advertising, making licensure misrepresentation clearly illegal, and beefing up enforcement makes logical sense. If you were looking for mental health treatment for yourself or a family member, services that are potentially sensitive and need to be carefully managed, wouldn’t you like to know a provider’s qualifications?” Sturm said.

The APA and the American Medical Association (AMA) are among several major players in organized medicine who support the bill. In an April 17 letter to the bill’s sponsors, they and 13 other organizations applauded the measure and wrote, “Patients…are understandably confused by the increasing ambiguity of healthcare provider-related advertisements and marketing. Because of this uncertainty, patient-centered care and decision-making have been compromised.”

Confusion is Common

The bill references 2 surveys, completed on behalf of the AMA, that demonstrate patient confusion. Global Strategy Group conducted a telephone survey in August 2008 and Baselice & Associates conducted a telephone survey in November 2010. Both polled 850 adults nationwide and had margins of error of +/-3.4%.

Only 46% of the respondents in 2008 and 51% in 2010 agreed with this statement: “It is easy to identify who is a licensed [medical doctor] and who is not by reading what services they offer, their title and other licensing credentials in advertising or other marketing materials.”

Respondents were also asked whether certain professionals listed were medical doctors. The answers showed widespread confusion. Asked whether chiropractors were medical doctors, 38% in the 2008 survey said yes; 53% said no; and 9% were uncertain. Regarding psychologists, 49% said yes; 44% said no; and 8% were uncertain.

In a press release announcing the legislation, Rep. Bucshon said, “It is imperative that healthcare consumers have adequate information, including the education and training level of the healthcare professionals treating them, so that they are able to make wise healthcare choices. Ultimately, this bill will protect patient autonomy and decision-making and improve our healthcare system.”

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Obama care to increase insurance rates by 46%

[preamble]And its only the beginning – get ready for sticker shock – but its ok – because we teh rich will pay for everyone that cant afford the affordable care act that our own government elected officials are opting out of[backtopost]

,,, According to consultants from Oliver Wyman (who wrote on the issue in the January issue of Contingencies, the magazine of the American Academy of Actuaries), around six million of the 19 million people with individual health policies are going to have to pay more—and this even after accounting for the government subsidies offered under the law. For example, single adults age 21-29 earning 300% to 400% of the federal poverty level will be hit with an increase of 46% even after premium assistance from tax credits.
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Hamill: Decision not to close Long Island College Hospital a victory for Brooklyn

[preamble]YEA another victory and nail in the coffin  – whos complaining? Only the unions no one else. So lets keep this hospital open so it keeps losing money and asking for state handouts – thats US paying the bills for mismanagement, union crap and stupidity. Of course the doctors  – who cant manage themselves – are all happy  – why? because they have zero business sense. Do you know how much money the community will lose by keeping this failing hospital open? Thats right no job creation, no housing, no money for the local businesses who again hire people – blah blah blah

Yet again another Policy Of Stupidity and Un-success – we simple cant stop ourselves for rewarding failure![backtopost]
Monday, April 29, 2013, 9:20 PM
A coalition of doctors and hospital workers has succeeded in pushing SUNY Downstate to abandon its foolish plan to shut the facility.

Long Island College Hospital lives.

David toppled Goliath.

And the main reason the hospital continues to heal the sick and damaged of Brooklyn — triaging the emergency room, admitting patients, performing Caesarean sections, healing sick kids, performing coronary operations — is because of a united coalition of the Concerned Physicians of LICH, the New York State Nurses Association and Local 1199 of the hospital workers union.

Call them “David.”

Together they stood up to the Goliath of SUNY Downstate.

When many in the press began writing LICH’s obituary, as SUNY salivated for the hospital’s assets and as real estate speculators drooled for the billion-dollar skyline-view property, David launched a final mismatched battle on the Brooklyn waterfront.

They threw their best shot and rallied the community.

On Friday, we needed Howard Cosell to shout, “Down goes Downstate! Down goes Downstate!”

The fight is far from over.

But let the scorecard show that when SUNY Downstate held a news conference announcing its withdrawal of the plan to close LICH, it was because David had put Goliath down for an eight-count.


“Once LICH workers united to stop SUNY from pulling the plug, it forced them to withdraw their plan to close us,” says Dr. John Romanelli, a spokesman for Concerned Physicians of LICH, who happens to be my doctor, which makes this story kind of personal.

It’s personal because my life was saved at LICH. It’s personal because my youngest kid was born there. It’s personal because countless friends have had their lives saved at LICH over the years. It’s personal because if we continue to allow conglomerates and the state to acquire, bleed and shutter vital community hospitals, they will get away with it all over the city.

You can also attribute part of LICH’s survival to SUNY Downstate’s arrogance. In Brooklyn, bullies usually defeat themselves.

Here’s how:

SUNY Downstate acquired LICH from a private hospital conglomerate called Continuum Health Partners, which was run by an old Ed Koch crony named Stanley Brezenoff, that ran up an astounding $300 million in red ink.

Two years later, SUNY Downstate was shocked, shocked, that LICH was losing $2 million a week, even though it continued to pay Continuum — which had mismanaged the $300 million debt SUNY Downstate absorbed — $2 million a month for sending out medical bills

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Adam Holland Lawsuit: Family Of Man With Down Syndrome Sue For $18 Million After Photo Sparks Meme

[preamble]We need legislation for this? We need to be told not to possible bother anyone? Are we kidding here? Are we making a country where we are afraid to look at each other for fear of offending? The world is a cruel place and no legislation is going to defend you out there.
Hmm – lest we forget aq doctor LOST a lawsuit claiming many people defamed him on facebook and twitter – the judge said “freedom of speech”. But i guess this doctor was not “special” enough to have so his practice suffered. When this folly ends![backtopost]

The family of a Tennessee man with Down syndrome was devastated when they discovered a photo of their disabled son had spawned a derogatory Internet meme. So to quash the widespread use of the altered image and — hopefully — help others who may be subjected to the offense in the future, Adam Holland’s family filed a $18 million lawsuit last week.

The photo of a teenage Holland holding up a piece of his artwork during a class at the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center in 2004 did not make waves until last year, when modified versions of the image that included defamatory messages popped up on numerous websites.

“It was devastating for this family, emotionally,” Larry Crain, the attorney who represents the Hollands, told Nashville’s WSMV-TV. “He’s a very likable, very presentable young man who I don’t think fully appreciates the hurt that’s been inflicted on him.”

Though the family is not aware of exactly how the photo sparked the meme nearly a decade later, the Hollands pinpointed several sites, including the website of Florida radio station WHPT-FM, that allegedly repurposed the photo.

Having filed the defamation suit in a Tennessee U.S. District Court on April 22, the Hollands seek from three parties $3 million in compensatory damages and $3 million in punitive damages, amounting to $18 million in total.

Whether the Holland family’s lawsuit triumphs or not, advocacy groups are campaigning to ban the widespread use of messages that are offensive to people with special needs.

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What happened to Apple – Has it fallen from the tree of life?

The answer is simple – Steve Jobs is no longer………
Aggressive, bold, innovative, never accept mediocrity, must ALWAYS win, visionary – business man extraordinaire – the epitome of the American dream.

You know the kind – the ones that our government disdains, looks down on and blames all our problems on – The “rich” because “they were not successful on their own” to quote our beloved president.

Well, apple’s new CEO, Tim Cook, is simple not the man that needs to be at the helm.

We need more people like Jobs – are they still out there or are we afraid to come forward with the current president?

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Obama care is our salvation – Hence why our elected officials want to be EXEMPT from it

You heard it right! Your elected officials are making laws that exempts them from Obama care. Hmmm – i thought this was good for all? I guess some people are MORE important than others. Does this sound like “Animal Farm”? Do you know what i am referring to? George Orwell’s Book – Animal Farm – suggest you read it – if you can. You may be a products of our overly expensive, failing school system that graduates idiots who cant read or write.

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Sequestration – our President an how Congress protectes only themselves

Our president ORDERED his staff and OUR government to make sequestration HURT the American people so we all feel it. He purposefully hobbled the airlines so we all would know who is in charge! Does this sound like a socialistic tyrant flexing his muscle against the very people he is supposed to protect?
Make no mistake this is fact!
Thank goodness Congress stepped in and overturned his ruling so we all can be on time in our travels – WAIT congress cared about the people? No actually – they ONLY overturned this ruling because they use the airlines daily to go to and fro their merry ways and this ruling inconvenienced THEM – hence this was not for the people – it was for Congress!

Do you really believe they would have stepped in if it did not effect them?

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Thoughts of the day

Just a few thoughts I had today of the state of our country:

1. Hillary Clinton in 4 years a over a million miles did NOTHING and left office with “things” worse than when she began
2. Can Hillary Clinton explain Benghazi?
3. What happened to Sheldon Silver spending our $100,00 on hushing up a prostitute?
4. The president really does not care about jobs – unemployment has not budged since he has been in office in 5 years. All we hear now is simple that the rich make more than the poor – nothing else.

America already has a sustainable economy – better than the entire world’s put together – how about we nurture it and reward again success.

Makes no sense if we were a business anbd kept failing and taking money from our investors – woudl they not complain and demand our firing? So why does not America stand up and take back our country?

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Long Island College Hospital SHOULD Close – I Propose an Experiment.

[preamble]I propose an experiment – Lets close LICH for 90 days. Ltes monitor the area to find out if people are sicker, in peril or will effect the areas healthcare – simple close the hospital for 90 days, sit back and watch.

Remember Coney Island Hospital has been closed since Sandy – and nothing has happened!

I will guarantee nothing will happen if we close LICH – as the article says the ONLY people happy with it staying open are the unions – have we not wasted enough money on Unions? They are the single most destructive, corrosive entity that is truly destroying our health systems with hospitals. They waste money – our money.

So I challenge all the pundits and naysayers and screamers of doom – close the hospital for 90 days or 120 days – continue to pay everyone for that time  – and watch. Nothing will happen the sun will rise and the sun will set.

We the people are far more resilient than we are told we are. We adapt, we overcome and we thrive. The hospital is a money loser  – end of story and the ONLY way to save it is to have a bailout again OF OUR MONEY! How much more do we have to spend? How many more times do we bailout failing entities? How much more do we have to cowtow to the unions? Why should we continue to pay for failed administrators? poor businessman? failed policies? Why? Remember we are in a CRISIS people! Thats all I keep hearing – we are spending all our money we need Obama care! lalalala blah blah blah

Yet not one person has the testicles to do what is needed to fix it – get rid of the waste, get rid of the unions, get rid of the inertia, get rid of the “its always been done that way” mentality.  Its time for a change!

So again  – close the hospital for 90 days and watch – you will hear the “sound of silence” and the world will not end. Its simple, cost effective and not one person can state for a fact that it will not work. Care will not decline and the population will not be in peril. – Who has the balls to do what is right?[backtopost]

Long Island College Hospital faces threat of closing, SUNY official Carl McCall warns
SUNY Downstate Medical Center facility is money loser Long Island College Hospital faces possible closing by the state, the Daily News has learned.

State University of New York trustees have discussed shutting down money-losing LICH — and may vote soon on whether to do so, a spokesman for SUNY chairman Carl McCall told The News.

The recommendation to close the 150-year-old Cobble Hill hospital – now part of SUNY Downstate Medical Center – came straight from top Downstate management, said McCall’s spokesman David Doyle.

“The board may vote in the near future on endorsing this course of action as part of a fiscally responsible plan to ensure medical education and quality healthcare continues for the people of Brooklyn,” Doyle said.

East Flatbush-based Downstate is suffering massive money losses partly caused by its 2011 purchase of LICH, a scathing audit by state Controller Thomas DiNapoli’s office revealed last week.

McCall spoke of two other options for battling Downstate’s financial problems besides closing LICH and selling off its real estate, sources said – either using state money to bankroll a financial restructuring of SUNY Downstate, or partnering with other Brooklyn hospitals to provide some services.

A plan to close Long Island College Hospital in Brooklyn is being withdrawn, state officials said on Friday, in a startling victory for doctors, unions and community members who said the closing of the hospital would compromise health care for residents in the area.

But the reversal may be only a reprieve unless the state agrees to bail out the hospital or a new operator can be found.

“I think what is going to be happening is that the state is going to be working on a sustainability plan, and that involves a national search for an operator,” said Jill Furillo, executive director of the New York State Nurses Association.