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You did not become successful alone – Obama Helped!

For the first time Obama is correct – we did not become successful in our business alone – we had help

We were helped by:
Our family, friends and relatives that put up with our 24x7x365 work ethic to pay our mortgage

Our children, that at times did not know they had a father and mother because we were always at work

Our competition, that surrounds us, encircles us like sharks waiting for us to fail

Our doctors, who helped us with our ulcers, high blood pressure and sleeplessness all because of our business

Our employees, those mediocre children we hire, pay for and get sued by

Lets not forget our city and state governments, those bastions of spending our money, who sit all day long thinking up new ways to tax us or penalizing us for hidden rules they never told us about or increasing our payroll taxes, our income taxes, our sales tax, our front sign tax, our business license tax, our air conditioner tax, our boiler tax, our sidewalk cleaning tax, our parking meter tax…………………………………………………….. or the unemployment tax because a record number of people are on unemployment and the city has to pay interest on the loans to pay for it – yet the federal government continue to increase how long people are on unemployment

And lets not forget the MTA – you know them – they are your business partners demanding a “vig” from your business every 3 months because they cant control their spending.  Yes, the MTA – the ones that raised prices 50% previously and will continue to raise them

So yes Obama you are correct – we did not do it alone – we had a lot of help


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Rise of Socialism

So lets see what they took:
Our SALT on foods
Our large drinks
Our sugar
Our insurance
Our doctors
Our cigarettes
Our baby formula
Our businesses – because we did not do it alone
Our money
Our cell phones in the car
Our testing of prostate cancer testing– too expensive for them so its not good
Our breast exam testing – too expensive for them
Our choice of cars – gas guzzler tax – when billions of our money have been wasted on “alternatives”
Nurses are doctors
Were fat
Were stupid
We don’t know better
They are coming for you guns
They are installing cameras to give you tickets
They are watching

I predict……..
they will penalize you if you are fat
they will penalize you if you smoke
they will penalize you if you don’t exercise
they will penalize you if you are not the “ideal healthy” human they want you to be
They will distort “see something – say something” to have you report thy neighbor – can you say animal farm?
they will take your liquor
they will stop you from txting and walking
They will limit the size of portions in restaurants
They will tell you what type of movies you can see and what type will be made
If Obama care works ONLY as a tax what else will not?

Remember – they already penalize our hard work and effort
They will come for you – history repeats itself – I suggest we all read and learn about it BEFORE they rewrite the past

The inevitable destructive creep of socialism –

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How to fix the Illegial Alien Problem

Yes they are ILLEGAL – not undocumented

The solution to this problem is extraordinarily simple – as are most complex issues – but alas our government make it complicated.

Lets be realistic, we are not going to deport them – its not going to happen and its not going to work. However, lets change the playing field and wield our capitalistic sword and turn this into a simple matter of business.

Lets define why people come to our country both legally and illegally. They come here because WE ARE BETTER! Period not other answer – America offers them EVERYTHING. America is not a 4th world country where people defecate in the streets, where they live in garbage or where their so called leaders suppress them (lets talk obama later). America has a service that people want and need – its called opportunity! don’t mistake freedom for opportunity – you can be “free” but have no opportunity to better yourselves. People come to this country because they can better themselves, because they can make money.

Now that we defined the reason why these people come here, lets turn it into a business and SOLVE our national debt, illegal’s problem and healthcare pseudo crisis.

In 1 simple act, 1 simple paragraph of a law, 1 simple signature of a pen, we can solve 3 major problems.

The Solution
Charge for the cost of America Highly sought after services – opportunity.
Think of it as a menu of services our country offers with a price tag.

For the opportunity to come here, it will cost you $5000 per family member plus applicable taxes – special discounts apply for more then 3 family members – financing available – auto paycheck deduction required.

Charge them for the right to be here! How many million illegals are there? 5 million, 8 million, 10 million – lets say 10% pay. 10% of 10, 000, 000 that’s 1,000,000 x $5000 – that’s 5 billion dollars or 250,000,000 per state – Problem solved  – and they have to pay taxes.

If businesses hire illegal’s they have to pay the $5000 per employee.

How do you shut the borders? Realistically you cant – but you can empower the border states to police themselves and provide funding for them to track, arrest and deport the illegals OR make them pay. If you are a criminal – off you go, if you are a worker – $5000 per family member please and you have to pay taxes – welcome to the US!

The right to be a US citizen – what is it? You pay a fee for the privilege of reciting the pledge of allegiance – all I have done is modified the current model.

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Welcome to the Arpreport

The world according to me

I believe in America
I believe jobs should not be shifted overseas
I believe your technical support person should speak English
I believe we should manufacturer good
I believe we have become lazy
I believe the dilution of the “family” is the causes of many problems
I believe you are responsible for you actions
I believe you have to work hard
I believe I started my business and I made it successful – no one else did
I believe not everyone deserves to win
I believe we have feminized our youth
I believe in GOD
I believe socialism is a disease that has proven to fail
I believe Obama care is a disaster and unjustly enriches private insurance companies
I believe unions are destructive
I believe in winning – I play to win
I believe there is no 2nd place – it means you did not win
I believe without GOD there can be no basis for morals
I believe as we remove GOD from our lives, we continue to descend into chaos

What do you believe?

Lets Bring America Back!
God Bless America!

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The Best Time to Sleep


The Importance of Sleeping

Many people try to limit their sleeping time to the minimum possible. However, our bodies are made to function optimally with a certain amount of sleeping time. Research has shown that the amount of sleep one gets per every 24 hours is directly related to health and the quality of life when a person is awake. The quality and amount of sleep influences creativity, mental sharpness, productivity and emotional balance when a person is awake.

When you fall asleep, the body rests. However, the brain remains active conducting a number of restorative functions that prepare the body for the activities of the next day. With enough quality sleep, you will wake up feeling rejuvenated since your body will be properly restored and rested to function optimally.

On the other hand, sleep deprivation and/or low quality can elicit a number of undesirable effects including:

1. Lethargy, fatigue and low motivation
2. Irritability and moodiness
3. Weight gain
4. Concentration problems
5. Reduced creativity and inventiveness
6. Reduced immunity
7. Increased susceptibility to diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular complications.

In general, the amount of time when should sleep reduces with age. Older people need between seven to eight hours of sleep while younger people may require more hours to satisfy their body needs. In addition to the amount of time taken in bed, the timing is another crucial factor that determines how much you benefit from sleeping. The relationship between timing and sleep quality can be explained by the natural sleep cycle also known as the circadian rhythm.

The Circadian Rhythm

The circadian rhythm is a brain regulated process determined influenced by several factors including the transition from daylight to darkness and the number of hours a person has spent awake. Normal sleep-wake cycles comprise of recurring sleep stages that facilitate independently important restorative functions. A typical cycle is 90 minutes long and comprises of two stages where different physical and physiological processes take place. The first stage is characterized by deep sleep with non-rapid eye movements (non-REM). On the other hand, a person sleeps lightly during the second stage and demonstrates rapid eye movements (REM).

In general, non-REM sleep takes up much of the circadian rhythm cycle time during the first few hours of sleep.The trend changes as one continues sleeping and eventually REM sleep dominates over non-REM sleep near waking hours. Non-REM sleep allows the body to build and repair itself and generate energy for the next day's activities. As a result, growth, development, tissue and muscle repair as well as immune system development are effected during periods of non-REM sleep. On the other hand, REM sleep facilitates mental restoration and development. During periods of REM sleep, the brain processes and consolidates previously acquired information, strengthen memory by forming neural connections and builds up neural-transmitters. Clearly, the two types of sleep are individually important determinants of sleep quality. As a result, quality sleep is characterized by a balance between the two types of sleep.

How the Circadian Rhythm Influences the Best Time to Sleep

The Circadian cycle is regulated by several factors. Research has shown that human bodies are configured to switch from non-REM to REM sleep at certain times in the night irrespective of when a person goes to bed. Therefore, sleeping early and waking up equally early gives you more non-REM sleep at the expense of REM sleep. In a similar way, sleeping late denies you the deep non-REM sleep at the expense of the lighter sleep. Either of the two scenarios are not favorable. To benefit optimally, sleep should be timed such that the duration of sleep is equally distributed between the two types of sleep.

Generally, a person will wake up easily and feel most refreshed if waking up coincides with the end of a slumber cycle. To avoid difficulties waking up, snoozing and dismissing alarms or feeling groggy after waking up it is advisable to sleep for periods equivalent to 90 minute multiples. In this way, the best time to sleep is also influenced by when you want to wake up. This implies that it is better to sleep for a shorter period rather than wake up in the middle of a slumber cycle. It is better to delay sleeping for a short while to ensure that the time you spend in bed is equivalent to a number of full sleep cycles.


Proper timing is crucial to the satisfaction and benefits derived from sleeping. Sleeping too late or too early tips the balance between non-REM and REM sleep and hence the restorative processes associated with the two types of sleep. Therefore, the best time to sleep is that which strikes a balance between the two types of sleep and matches the time a person needs to wake up to the end of a circadian rhythm cycle.