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The Catholics being Disgraced in Art – Why Dont They Protest and Kill Like the Muslims?

A horrible disgraceful humiliating piece of “art” is being displayed in a NY museum depicting a crucifix submerged in the so called “artists” urine. He calls the piece by a vile name.

So – the Catholic religious relic – The Cross – the symbol of our religion, of our deity has been desecrated!

Where is the outrage? Where are the burnings? Where are the be-headings? Where are the killings?
Where is our president denouncing this? Where is our Mayor denouncing this? Guiliani denounced and would not allow this when he was mayor – do we remember?

The simple answer?
The CIVILIZED Christians and the world understand where this is coming from and are secure in our beliefs and our selves to be civilized! Our religions have gone through the dark ages and have emerged into the light!
The muslims on the other hand – have not! They are damned to thier “whatever century” they have been in for centuries.
They are the product of a failed society, failed religion and failed leaders – they are failures unto themselves.
Yet we the world appease them at every turn.

Do you buy a muslim car? Goto muslim doctors? Purchase Muslim created medicine, a toothbrush toothpicks?
NO – they produce nothing! Their anger is the result of their failure and its directed towards all who have succeeded!


because this is what they all believe – sorry but the so called “radicals” is their entire religion

By appeasing them you condone their actions and hence they will never be made to understand and change for their own good.

As a human i truly am sorry for them, as a catholic i pray for them, as an American and citizen, I don’t trust them.

How odd of God to give them the oil.

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Patient Reporting System – Physicians Will Be Sued Into Submission.

The governments new patient reporting system being imposed by Obama care reads like a Jacoby & Mayers Commercial. Tell us your problem and we will get your money!

“A draft questionnaire asks patients to “tell us the name and address of the doctor, nurse or other health care provider involved in the mistake. Have you recently experienced a medical mistake? Do you have concerns about the safety of your health care?” And it urges patients to contact a new “consumer reporting system for patient safety.”

The government says it will use information submitted by patients to make health care safer. YEA – OK!

“Patients and their families are a potential gold mine of information,” Mr. Hatlie said. “They see things that busy health care workers don’t see. Doctors are in and out. Nurses are in and out. But relatives are there continuously with the patient. They often know how to fix problems that cause errors.”

True meaning: Patients and families are a gold mine – for lawyers! Physicians – you will be sued into submission.

The government now states that it is voluntary to report such occurrences –
True Meaning – each and every patient and family member will be contacted to report on any and all so called “problems” they believe they experienced.

This is not better health care or better patient safety, this is a forum for the lawyers to sue the physicians and hospitals and the government and insurance companies to hold up monies to the doctors and deny them payments.

The writing is on the wall. Can we all be this blind?

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Here It Comes – Patients Reporting Doctors and Hospitals – Bad Doctor!

And so it begins…………

New System for Patients to Report Medical Mistakes

Published: September 22, 2012

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration wants consumers to report medical mistakes and unsafe practices by doctors, hospitals, pharmacists and others who provide treatment.

“Patient reports could complement and enhance reports from providers” about errors, Dr. Carolyn M. Clancy said.

Hospitals say they are receptive to the idea, despite concerns about malpractice liability and possible financial penalties for poor performance.

In a flier drafted for the project, the government asks: “Have you recently experienced a medical mistake? Do you have concerns about the safety of your health care?” And it urges patients to contact a new “consumer reporting system for patient safety.” The government says it will use information submitted by patients to make health care safer.

Federal officials say that medical mistakes often go unreported, and that patients have potentially useful information that could expose reasons for drug mix-ups, surgery on the wrong body part, radiation overdoses and myriad other problems that cause injuries, infections and tens of thousands of deaths each year.

Hospitals and even some doctors say the proposal has merit. “It’s a great concept,” said Nancy E. Foster, a vice president of the American Hospital Association. “The idea is welcome.”

A draft questionnaire asks patients to “tell us the name and address of the doctor, nurse or other health care provider involved in the mistake.” And it asks patients for permission to share the reports with health care providers “so they can learn about what went wrong and improve safety.”

In seeking White House approval this month for a prototype of the reporting system, Dr. Carolyn M. Clancy, the director of the federal Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, a part of the Public Health Service, said, “Currently there is no mechanism for consumers to report information about patient safety events.”

“Patient reports could complement and enhance reports from providers and thus produce a more complete and accurate understanding of the prevalence and characteristics” of medical errors, Dr. Clancy said.

Federal officials said the reports would be analyzed by researchers from the RAND Corporation and the ECRI Institute, a nonprofit organization that has been investigating medical errors for four decades.

Dr. Kevin J. Bozic, the chairman of the Council on Research and Quality at the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, said it was important to match the patients’ reports with information in medical records.

“Patients’ perceptions and experience of care are very important in assessing the overall success of medical treatments,” Dr. Bozic said. “However, patients may mischaracterize an outcome as an adverse event or complication because they lack specific medical knowledge.

“For instance, a patient may say, ‘I had an infection after surgery’ because the wound was red. But most red wounds are not infected. Or a patient says, ‘My hip dislocated’ because it made a popping sound. But that’s a normal sensation after hip replacement surgery.”

Consumer groups welcomed the federal initiative. The American Medical Association had no immediate comment, saying it needed to study the details.

Some research suggests that one-fourth of patients in and out of hospitals experience “adverse events” in their care. Hospital patients interviewed by researchers in Massachusetts reported many events that were not documented in their medical records.

In the reporting system envisioned by the Obama administration, patients and their relatives would report medical errors and near misses through a Web site and in telephone interviews.

For each incident, the government wants to know “what happened; details of the event; when, where, whether there was harm; the type of harm; contributing factors; and whether the patient reported the event and to whom.”

The questionnaire asks why the mistake happened and lists possible reasons:

¶ “A doctor, nurse or other health care provider did not communicate well with the patient or the patient’s family.”

¶ “A health care provider didn’t respect the patient’s race, language or culture.”

¶ “A health care provider didn’t seem to care about the patient.”

¶ “A health care provider was too busy.”

¶ “A health care provider didn’t spend enough time with the patient.”

¶ “Health care providers failed to work together.”

¶ “Health care providers were not aware of care received someplace else.”

If the pilot project is cleared by the White House, health officials hope to start collecting information in May. Questionnaires would be made available at kiosks in hospitals and doctors’ offices. Fliers describing the project would be given out at pharmacies and mailed to patients’ homes with the explanation of benefits sent to them by insurance companies.

Reporting is voluntary, and federal officials said they would keep the information confidential.

A government script for follow-up interviews explains: “A medical mistake or error is an act or omission by a health care provider that most health care providers would consider incorrect at the time it happened. Some, but not all, medical mistakes can result in harm or injury to the patient.”

The government wants to know if the mistake involved the wrong medicine, the wrong dose of medicine or reactions to a drug; the wrong test or procedure, the wrong diagnosis or surgery on the wrong body part; or blood clots, infections, problems with anesthesia or “unclean or unsanitary care.”

Martin J. Hatlie, the chief executive of Project Patient Care, a health care safety coalition in Chicago, welcomed the federal plan.

“Patients and their families are a potential gold mine of information,” Mr. Hatlie said. “They see things that busy health care workers don’t see. Doctors are in and out. Nurses are in and out. But relatives are there continuously with the patient. They often know how to fix problems that cause errors.”

In recent years, Congress has taken steps to link Medicare and Medicaid payments to the quality of care, prohibiting payment for the treatment of certain medical errors.

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Medicare Advantage Enrollees Face $515 Benefit Cut

ObamaCare imposes major cuts on the popular Medicare Advantage program, and while the Obama administration has largely delayed them until after the election, enrollees will lose an average $515 in benefits in 2013, according to an IBD analysis.

Some 14.4 million people are expected to enroll in Medicare Advantage in 2013, up from 13.1 million this year, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) said Wednesday. Advantage plans are run by private firms, providing more benefits at a somewhat higher cost — usually 13% to 17% — to the government than traditional Medicare.

That added cost has made Advantage plans a target. ObamaCare will cut MA by at least $7.4 billion in 2013.

ObamaCare’s Dis-Advantage

ObamaCare is expected to cut $308 billion from Advantage plans from 2013-22, based on calculations of Congressional Budget Office data. That’s a huge share of the more than $700 billion in total Medicare cuts to help pay for the exchange subsidies and other parts of ObamaCare.

So far, though, Advantage cuts are not going according to plan. The CBO estimated that ObamaCare would cut Advantage spending by about $6.6 billion this year. However, most of those cuts were restored by a “demonstration project” that CMS initiated in late 2010 that will run from 2012 until 2014.
Known as the “MA Quality Bonus Payment Demonstration”, the program is so generous in paying bonuses that about 90% of Advantage enrollees are in a plan receiving a bonus, according to an April Government Accountability Office report. The report noted that the bonuses would be enough to offset 71% of planned MA cuts in 2012. The GAO also stated that the demonstration project “dwarfs all other Medicare demonstrations … conducted since 1995 in its estimated budgetary impact.”

Critics charged that the demonstration, officially aiming at boosting quality, is political — letting the Obama administration offset cuts to Advantage plans that would otherwise hit seniors during an election year. In July, GAO sent a letter to Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius raising questions over her legal authority to run the demonstration program. She never responded.

While the administration may have delayed most Advantage cuts for 2012, the GAO noted that the demonstration project would only offset 32% of the cuts in 2013. ObamaCare is supposed to cut about $10.9 billion from Advantage plans next year, according to the CBO. That will drop to about $7.4 billion — or $515 per enrollee — with the demonstration project offset.

It is unknown how that will affect enrollees, although studies of the Advantage program before ObamaCare offer clues.

A 2007 CBO report said the extra paid to MA plans accrued “to participants in the plans in the form of supplemental benefits or lower premiums,” and reducing payments “would leave less money for those purposes.”

It does not appear that the cuts will impact premiums much in 2013. The average premium for Advantage plans will only rise $1.47 per month, or about $17.64 annually, CMS says.

That still leaves over $497 in reductions. The likeliest candidates are higher co-pays for services and cuts to additional bene fits not given by traditional Medicare. A 2009 Medicare Payment Advisory Commission study found that 61% of the added benefits in Advantage plans were reductions in traditional Medicare cost-sharing for hospitals and physician services. Another 21% went to additional benefits like vision and dental care.

Cutting these areas would mean higher out-of-pocket costs for Advantage enrollees.

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Citizen sue man for riding a bike without a helmet!

Yes people – what have i been saying.

The morphing of “see something – say something” has already begun to morph into monitoring each other using it against us.”Citizens” are now trying to sue a man because he rode his bike without a helmet. Yes i say “citizens” because we all must obey the government – we are all being watched and if we do anything that is not in conformity – we will be reported and penalized!

Its already happening!

Is this the country we want?

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Mayor Bloomberg Now Bans Types of Foods and How Many Calories We Should Eat In Private Hospitals

As I warned – So it will come to be.

Mayor Bloomberg has been petitioning and has gotten several private hospitals to change their menu.

Yes my fellow Americans, As I stated, the slippery slope of telling how we should look and feel has become a landslide.

The mayor of NY now wants the government to tell us how many calories we can have, what type of food we can eat.

No vending machines for snack foods – to be replaced with broccoli machines (pun but you get the idea)
650 Calories per meal
250 calorie desserts

I discussed what was next PORTION SIZE! They will tell us how we should look, what body type is acceptable, what foods we can eat.
Does this sound familiar? Yes – Social Engineering!