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2012 Diabetes report card

“Average medical expenses are more than twice as high
for a person with diabetes as they are for a person without
diabetes. In 2007, the estimated cost of diabetes in the
United States was $174 billion. That amount included $116
billion in direct medical care costs and $58 billion in indirect
costs (from disability, productivity loss, and premature

Hmmm – all this seems to ONLY effect an employer. Those numbers mean what? Did the employer of the sick individual lose money? If so, than how did this effect everyone else and cause a crisis?

Oh no – here we go again. Another failed program that only costs money and leads to problems: “Medicare’s Everyone with Diabetes Counts Program:”

remember no child left behind or everyone deserves a home?

I still do not get this – i am paying insurance for these services. Who is costing me money? the OLD? they have been paying to medicare for years when they worked. or is it the uninsured poor people? ah yes – i bet we can really look at this group and realize its those without money, the poor that are the causes of so much health care costs?

Something is wrong with this -it does not make sense at all from any perspective. Doctors will always side on these sides because they only believe in helping people without any understanding of business or actual costs.