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16oz Drinks was only the beginning

The mayor said it today on tv –  Portion Control!
This was the intent all along as I have been stating. Our government knows best!
How bout we all get 8 hours sleep, work less and take more breaks to be healthy.
And while we are limiting our food intake, being force fed broccoli and taking soma pills to make us have 8 hours sleep, lets also do forced workouts every morning lest we don’t burn off those extra calories we consumed during the previous day.

This harkens to George Orwells 1984 – where the government watches every move its citizens make with large tv’s in their arartments – the ver present bigh brother. Forced workouts, meals designed for nutrition – the eradication of the orgasm. Yes my good people lets eradicate the3 orgasm! That fiend of our loins that creates such anxiety, lust, hatred and desires in us – that 1 thing that can conjur up every emption good and evil that rising and setting of the sun that causes us to behave unexpectadely – god forbid our government allows us to partake in our own destiny.

For i believe that we should be all model citizens and lower our health own health care costs for the good of the insurance companies! After all we pay them for their services so why should we be able to use those services for which we pay?

Akin to seat belts – yes you MUST wear a seat belt to protect yourself – thy will be done! 40% less deaths because we forced you to wear a seat belt – we have made you safer! However, your insurance premiums will continue to rise because we SAY SO!

Hmmm – i am safer in my car by wearing a sealt belt – 40% safer great! My insurance company than has a 40% less chance of paying for the services i pay them for in the event of an accident – hence shoudl not our premiums go down  y say 20% heck i will split the difference with them.

Ah – mere fantasy! For the all powerful insurance companies have lobbied our empty headed politicians and have gotten us safer but have continued to raise our premiums!

Hence, by default – if i become healthier and eat less and workout more – i will be rewarded with higher health insurance premiums!

Another example of our governments backward ness – water bills.

Conserve water, save save save – change your toilets to low flush – no matter you have to flush 3x’s to relieve yourself of the crap we preach to you!
So being model citizens we change our toilets  -“mellow the yellow and only flush it down if its brown”, we conserve, we watch, we chastise and punish those who water their lawns more than they should – and what are we rewarded with?

YES – higher water bills why? because we conserved so much that the water company is losing money!