False Global warming claims allows administration to control more

Scientifically unproven – false claims and another crisis! More energy control – the inevitable creep of socialism CNN today Flooded rail lines, bigger and more frequent droughts, and a rash of wildfires are predictions in a White House climate change report released Tuesday. “Climate change, once considered an issue for a distant future, has moved […]

Deblasio – the socialist

1. housing initiative – denser taller buildings – like China and Russia – the end of “Greater” New York – turning neighborhoods into compact dense poor housing – like the New York at the turn of the century – tenements – but again – socialists like these ideas. NO sustainability or actual job creation – […]

Deblasio Sucks Up To Unions

The only CRISIS in the healthcare system is our politicians sucking up to the UNIONS! Fears have grown among community stakeholders who want to preserve the hospital and the unions that employ staff there that if that shutdown occurs, the facility may never reopen as a full service medical center. In the past two days […]

US Economy Flatlined first Quarter of 2014

It’s an achievement to not have job growth for 5 year. Its hard for Americans to NOT make money. Bravo Obama! Even after billions in stimulus money pissed away!! We lost over 3 Billion bailing out GM – meaning GM received a 3 Billion FREE loan from US! FREE MONEY no chance of paying it […]

Lets blame business for poverty

[preamble} David Bacon act, Prevailing wages – European failures Unskilled workers receiving high level payment – no incentive The aspirations of a hamburger flipper to BE a hamburger flipper – why change if the government give you a great salary Be the LEAST you can be In America – that’s our new motto. {backtopost] ‘Living […]

Our failing nation

Been a while since last thought. So lets see where we are today 1. Federal government exercises military might against citizens in Arizona and calls them “domestic terrorists” – scary enough – once Americans are generically labeled terrorists our rights become disabled – patriotic act. Whilst the rancher In Arizona may not have had the […]

America’s new regime – the big/small lie!

“In the primitive simplicity of their minds [the broad masses of a nation] more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie, since they themselves often tell small lies in little matters but would be ashamed to resort to large-scale falsehoods. It would never come into their heads to fabricate colossal untruths, […]